Monday, January 20, 2014

You could get upset but.....

Molly and Gaston and Biggles are visiting in a few weeks so I have been busy on the weekend buying baby things. I mean things like a change table and a bath and diapers. Naturally I got most of the stuff I needed from Amazon but if course got the diapers and baby wipes from Costco – which has a vast array and kept me busy for a few minutes choosing the right ones.
I also got from Costco a rack of Australian lamb for an astonishingly low price.  Costco is the only place I have seen racks of lamb since we have been here. Amazingly – when I cook this it will be for the first time ever.
When iTunes was invented so long ago I transferred all my CDs onto my PC. There were more than 1,000 so this took some time. Since then I have only ever bought music online – and now have 20,000 tunes on my various Apple devices.
Weirdly – some of my tunes – in fact a lot of them – seem to have vanished over the years. Either I have deleted them or Apple has stolen them from me.
The latter would not surprise me as when you download songs from iTunes you do not legally own them. You are in fact borrowing them – you are purchasing the right to use music on certain devices – and the music is always owned by Apple – or Amazon or whoever.
You could get upset about this but there is no point.
I finally put together all the shelving I bought before Christmas for the basement. So now I have been able to put away all the boxes of books and junk that have been cluttering up the basement for so long. Naturally I pulled a muscle in my back while I was do this so have been reduced to a hobble.

There was lots of snow on Saturday and more is forecast for the middle of this week. We have let Sissi out to play in it on the upstairs balcony. Monika – being a more sensible cat – stays indoors and lies on the heater vents.


  1. I'm with Monika - today I shall be lying exactly 3 inches in front of the air-conditioner unit.

  2. Sorry to hear you are a hobble hobbit type of Mate. I am so proud to be speaking another language.

  3. freefalling: I do not envy you. I much peter the cold to the heat.

    fmcgmccllc: It will only be a short hobble - I am on the mend.