Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Better off not knowing

My copy of ‘Cat Sense’ arrived from Amazon yesterday. This is going to help me better understand our cats and be a ‘better friend’ to them. I understand quite a lot about our cats – and cats in general – but am lacking some of the finer points.  
It may explain why both cats drag rubber bands around the house – yowling mournfully as they do it. Perhaps it will give us some insight into why Monika defecates in our shower if we leave the bathroom door open.
In the case of the rubber bands I am guessing it is because they are indoor cats and are unable to present us with dead mice and birds - but I hope John Bradshaw’s book will give me some clues.
I do not miss having outdoor cats. There are some downsides to having indoor cats – but the upside far outweighs these. Those who have outdoor cats will know what I am talking about – those who do not have outdoor cats are better off not knowing about the gruesome and ghastly consequences.


  1. Cooper does not like cats and I have to work hard to keep them away from our property for their own safety.

  2. Our indoor cat also prefers the shower to her litter. Very annoying but better than using the carpet I guess. She is getting quite fat though and shows no interest in exercise. I don't think excessive purring burns much in the way of calories either... Please share any insights you gain from your book.

  3. esb: I think Sissi would give Cooper quite a fight.

    Sandy: We have 7 bathrooms - but Monika has only ever shown interest in two. We consider ourselves fortunate.