Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It is an automatic failure

We had about three inches of snow overnight. I had to go out after lunch and most of the roads have not yet been cleared so are a bit tricky. The Interstate was closed for some hours this morning causing absolute chaos.
At least the snow is covering up the potholes which abound in the roads of Indianapolis.
The situation is so diabolical that they have a pothole map online so that you can see exactly where they are. There is a table showing the progress they are making filling them in.
It pays to drive very carefully – even on main roads – as some of the holes are big enough to take a wheel off.
I am using bird seed which is supposed to attract Northern Cardinals – and it does! On Sunday there were three Cardinals dining at the same time – a first. The sparrows and squirrels also love it so are not going hungry.  
When I was out today some turkey pulled out in front of me from a side street. The road was covered with snow so I skidded and missed him by a whisker. But when I got home I scraped the Honda on the side of the garage.
This was inevitable as it is a very tight fit and I have to turn sharply to get through the door. Today because of the ice and snow the tires slipped. It is only a small scrape but I am sure it will be expensive to fix.

On the bright side Cate almost has her driver’s license. She passed her written exam last Friday and has the driving exam on Saturday. She has been practicing parallel parking on the way home from work as you just have to be able to do this – and if you go up on the curb it is an automatic failure.


  1. Tell Cate I have my fingers crossed for her. That is a huge incentive in the U.S. to never let your license lapse so you never have to take that test again. I still keep my motorcycle endorsement on my license for the same reason. No more driving tests if I can help it.

  2. I found out from Craig Ferguson that today is squirrel appreciation day, or SAD.

  3. fmcgmccllc: I will make sure she never lets that happen.

    esb: Thanks for letting me know. I never would have guessed that there was such a day.