Friday, May 22, 2015

As crook as Rookwood

I have just been laid low by a bad cold and have been as crook as Rookwood. Cate got it from one of her staff – and then she gave it to me. She has told him how unhappy I am.  

Yesterday Javier and Joe came to connect the fountain. This required them to dig and get power under the back path. They dug for most of the day and then gave up. There are too many rocks in the garden. They have gone away to think of another solution.

On Tuesday I was mowing the lawn and two men came along the street. One had a notebook and the other had a large camera on his shoulder. The notebook man said he was from a TV station and  started to interview me about high weeds. I said I had many broad leafed weeds – and I showed him some.

But he was only really interested in highs weed and questioned me about their whereabouts and the state of the neighborhood in general. I said I really did not know about high weeds so we left it at that.

Yesterday I saw a man in the back garden talking to Javier and Joe. I asked him who he was and he said he was William Niles Wishard III. Our house is called Wishard Mansion because his grandfather – William Niles Wishard - lived here from 1907-1941.

He lives in Malibu and comes here every year for the Indy 500. He has some photos of his father – William Niles Wishard II - being married in the house and is going to bring them next year.

Next I will tell you about the Stanley Hotel.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bag block?

Rocky Mountains National Park
A  miracle occurred on our way to Denver. The United flight left on time and arrived early. Things went downhill after that. We waited and waited for our bags and there was eventually an announcement that the bags could not be taken off the plane because there was lighting in the area.

Fair enough – I don’t want a baggage handler to be struck by lightning while he is moving my socks and underwear around.

Finally there was an announcement that the bags were moving so we waited and waited and finally there was an announcement telling us that there was ‘bag block’ and that they were working to fix it.

I am not sure how this is done but it does not seem like it should have taken as long as it did.

Finally the bags started coming out and because ours were tagged ‘priority’ they of course came off last. So we got to the hotel very late and discovered that it was in fact in the Denver railway station.

The hotel lobby was the Denver railway station lobby – and the restaurants were the Denver railway station restaurants. I didn’t have a problem with this apart from the extraordinary amount of money we were paying and of course I have no one to blame but myself because I booked it. It looked good on

But the room was very nice and had a spectacular view of the railway station and environs. The hotel did have an excellent bar and some fine white wines and we gave these some attention.

Next: How we managed to do nothing in Denver. Why booking a rental car does not mean that you get one.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

It is usually a cat

Duck in Oxford
Cate is now sometimes cycling to work. I am not sure why because it takes her an hour to prepare for this – the ride takes only 15 minutes so she gets no exercise – and it is simply dangerous to ride on roads in Indianapolis.

People have been killed after hitting giant potholes and being propelled into the road with great velocity.

I have protested about this – with as much success as I had when she decided to buy a dog – which has not yet arrived.

But I have now worked out where the cats can eat and where the dog doors need to go. I am now eagerly awaiting Rover’s arrival. Well not really but you know what I mean.

Our Green Mountain Boxwoods on the front porch made it all the way thru winter and died in spring. This was most disheartening and but is about average for me.

I have planted two new ones and have high hopes for them. I have replaced the Hollies I killed with Roundup – which kills plants easily but has little effect on weeds – as others have noted.

My lawn patches were entirely unsuccessful and I will need to revisit this and try another plan.

Our fountain has not yet been installed by the electricians and I have complicated things by running over and shredding its electric cord with the lawn mower. But they are skilled people and will be able to fix this.

We are going to Denver tonite – all things being OK with United. We are staying in Denver for two nights and then the Stanley hotel in the mountains for a couple of nights.

This hotel has special rooms with ghosts in them. I have not found our ghost yet. The weird and ghostly noises at night in our house usually turn out to be a cat doing something awful. But I am sure they are there somewhere.