Thursday, April 17, 2014

It will of course include key lime pie

We finally got our bird bath and eagerly awaited the arrival of hundreds of thirsty birds. None so far – although one perched on the edge of the bird bath and peered at the water. Still – it took a while for our feeders to attract attention so we are not concerned at this stage.

Our air conditioners started making a clacking noise a while ago so our AC man Dave took a look at it. He said it was a loose flange and that he would fix it as soon as he could get parts – and we had our six monthly service.

Much more ghastly noises became apparent last week so Dave came back yesterday and spent an hour or two ferreting about in the gizzards. The good news is that he knows exactly what it is – the other flange motor is cactus.

The bad news is that he can see no way of getting to it as it is up inside the housing on the top floor – and is surrounded by solid walls with no access. It looks like he will have to cut a hole in the wall to get at it.

He said I should not worry and that he will talk to John – who renovated the house – to see what they can come up with. I personally have no doubt that we will end up with a complete shambles – and more repair work.

Cate has organised another dinner for colleagues who are arriving in May from Europe - so I have to think about another menu. Of course it will include key lime pie and Bourbon glazed carrots – but the rest is open for discussion.

I am thinking about Australian lamb – which abounds in Indianapolis – but cooking lamb to everyone’s preferred degree of doneness is tricky.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why do parents do this?

Last nite it started snowing – yes snowing – and did not stop until lunchtime today. This is just crazy.

Last week most of our plants started producing buds. The snow was nature’s way of telling them not to get too eager.

I killed the indoor plant I bought about a month ago. This was a new world record for me. I think it started dying when I picked it up in Lowes. I have told Cate I will not buy any more indoor plants because I just cannot cope with the inevitable losses and subsequent trauma.

Sure everything I plant outside dies as well – but it does not do so in front of me and I may not notice it for ages - when one day I look at a curled up brownish crispy thing and think – ‘didn’t we have an Aspidistra there a while ago?’


The line above was typed by Sissi. I refuse to let her do what she really wants to do – which is sit on the keyboard – so she hovers at the end of the desk and marches across it every five minutes. She is rubbish at typing. 

I have been collecting unusual names of check out people. In the last four days I have seen Waynomi, Roechelle, Jezzica and Synthia. I am not sure why parents do this to their children.

What’s the matter with good old fashioned names like Molly, Lenny and Biggles.

Monday, April 14, 2014

It was very loggy

The Little Log Cabin in the Woods lived up to its name. It is very loggy  but was surprisingly comfortable.

There was – however – no Internet or TV so I missed out on the US Masters on the weekend and did not see Bubba win his second green jacket.

When we checked in - the owner said that the area was teeming with wildlife but we saw nothing – nothing – during the entire weekend.

No squirrels, deer, skunks, foxes, beavers or bats, lizards or snakes. We saw not even one bird – except in the far distant sky. 

There is not much in French Lick apart from a thumping great hotel and casino and the West Baden Springs Hotel. In great anticipation we booked a table for Saturday night at the 1875 steak restaurant in the hotel – and were mightily disappointed.

The other two nites we ate Candy’s Chili- and it was delicious.

I made Cate go to the casino as I had never been to one before. It was not like anything I have seen in a James Bond movie. Apart from the fact that everybody smoked – the standard of dress seemed to be beach grunge.

We saw the Ohio river and some of Southern Indiana. Which is much like Northern Indiana. We are itching to go to Kentucky and are thinking of going to the races.