Sunday, November 29, 2015

Is anyone surprised?

So we met the relatives – who incidentally are Mongolian. Most of them live in the USA but we had a few from Ulan Bator who brought us up to speed on a city about which we know nothing - but we have been assured that we should visit. It is apparently the world’s coldest capital city and also one of the most polluted.

The Thanksgiving dinner preparation was quite exciting as the new oven in which the turkey was being cooked did not work properly and there was some panic and a bit of shouting. I had to leave the kitchen on a couple of occasions as the tension was giving me a headache.

It was all sorted out eventually and the calming influence of wine settled everyone down.

On the way in to Washington I took some hand cream and toothpaste and these caused no problems in Indianapolis. They caused great consternation in Washington and had to be confiscated – and my bagged checked for explosives.

Cate – at the other security line – brought through two bottles of water without anyone noticing.

On the plane Cate read an article about how the head of the TSA was sacked because there had been 70 tests to see if explosives and firearms could be taken through security without detection. 67 of these tests failed to detect the explosives and firearms.

Is anyone who has ever been though security surprised about this?

The photo is of the tree starting to shed its leaves. You cannot see the hundreds of leaves fluttering to the ground so you will just have to take my word that it is happening.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

There is a little bit less to wash

I have been too discombobulated by everything to think about blogging.

Anyway my daughter in Paris – Molly – has had another boy – Puggles – brother to Biggles. This is my fourth grandchild and I will go to Paris soon to see him.

Our mulberry tree has finally dropped its leaves. Each year – on a particular day – it decides it is has had enough and all the leaves flutter to the ground. It takes a few hours - and it is quite a sight.

That meant that next day was leaf mulching day and to celebrate the occasion my leaf mulching bag broke. So I mulched the leaves and fired them into space and then collected them and many unmulched leaves and put them in bags.

When my new bag arrives I shall mulch all he leaves and put them on the garden.

Tomorrow we are going to Washington for Thanksgiving with Cate’s brother and sister-in-law.  This will be an event of epic proportions as my nephew has just had a baby and there are 16 relatives of the mother coming. I know that seems rather a lot and I am not sure why it is happening – but I have learned that it is better to go quietly with the flow.

Fortunately there are plenty of places in the house where one can sit quietly and have a glass of wine without being disturbed too much.

The dog has gone to be with Michelle and her two dogs for a few days. Today she is called ‘the dog’ because last night she ate a squeaky rubber ball and then vomited it onto the bed at 5:00 am this morning.

Yesterday she ate my beanie and before that it was a remote control. I take full responsibly for this because I should keep a closer eye on her. I should know that whenever she is quiet – and is chewing – it is likely to be something that I really don’t want chewed.

Cate would like to replace the sheets and bed cover because they are full of holes but I am not replacing them until Georgia has grown up a bit and is no longer in full time chewing mode. In the meantime I just wash what remains of the sheets and the cover – and each time there is just a little bit less to wash.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Have you smelled a Gyro?

It just never stops.

Hordes of ISIL fighters disguised as Syrian refugees are about to descend upon America – wreaking destruction and havoc wherever they go.

A family of four which has been waiting for three years to come to Indiana has been thwarted in their dastardly attempts at mayhem and carnage by our very own governor - who has refused to accept them.

No – they will not be able to create chaos by buying diapers in Marsh – or taking up the see-saw in the local park – or even eating that evil middle eastern food in local restaurants!

What a man! What courage! Who could ask for more in a governor?

But wait – the governor of Connecticut has said that he will take them! What a brave man that he would sacrifice the lives of his citizens just so some homeless refugees can have a life without being bombed and poisoned by their very own idjit asshole.  

And many governors are doing the same thing for their citizens. The land of the free is the home of the brave. Unless you are Syrian.

The National Guard has staked out the local Gyro shop. This may be a hotbed of insurrection. Well sure it is Greek - but they all come from over there somewhere – and certainly cannot be trusted. 

I mean have you smelled a Gyro? 

Sometimes I feel like I am at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – or wading like a drugged wombat through fields of molasses. I refuse to believe what is happening at the moment because it is just too surreal.