Monday, April 21, 2014

Show me the bullet

At the end of this week the NRA is holding its annual convention in Indianapolis. My favorite female country singer – Sara Evans is appearing – along with  Sarah Palin – so it is an all star cast.

I don’t think I will be able to convince Cate to go because she does not like guns, country music or Sarah Palin. This will be a shame because we would be able to see the Midwest in full cry.

Cate is horrified that almost all of her staff are licensed gun owners. She has not been able to come to grips with the gun culture.

Many Americans like to kill each other – and God’s furry creatures – in droves – and using guns is the most effective way of doing it.

We are not supposed to understand it.

It is what it is – and will never change.

Yesterday while everyone else was at church we painted our back fence – or at least the inside of it. God punished us by giving us both crippling backaches and today I can barely walk.

We are going to paint the outside of the fence – but only the part we can see. Our neighbors can make their own arrangements. Given the condition in which they keep their backyards and trash bins I don’t think they will be too worried.

Today I saw our first yellow bellied sapsucker. At least I am almost sure it was a yellow bellied sapsucker. It did not stay long so I could not get a picture.

The birds have found the bird bath and I now have to fill it five times a day.

Friday, April 18, 2014

What can I say?

Ready to fight the government
America has far more than its fair share of lunatics – and nothing at all surprises me  - but I must admit that this caught my attention.

The Bureau of Land Management allows 18,000 grazing permits on 157 million acres of land.

17,999 of the farmers who use the land pay grazing fees.

A rancher named Cliven Bundy in Nevada has been grazing his cattle on public land for 20 years and has amassed unpaid fees of about $1,000,000. He says he will not pay the fees because “I don’t recognize the United States government as existing”. 

Last Saturday the government moved in to enforce a court order to confiscate his cattle.

Hundreds of heavily armed and camouflaged supporters of  Mr. Bundy turned out to prevent this from happening.

Protecting Cliven from the Government
They surrounded the government employees and trained their guns on them. One of these militia-styled honking plonkers said:

“I knew we would have to fight the government one day – I guess today’s the day”

One of the rancher’s supporters, Richard Mack, a Tea Party leader who is in the National Rifle Association’s Hall of Fame, said he planned to use women as human shields in a violent showdown with law enforcement.
“We were actually strategizing to put all the women up front,” Mack said in a radio interview. “If they were going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot.”

The government employees wisely withdrew. 

Fox has been shouting all week about this ‘victory’ over the government by the downtrodden masses. 

Mr. Bundy – when interviewed by Fox said that the recent ‘blood moon’ was part of the vast government plot against him.

What can I say?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It will of course include key lime pie

We finally got our bird bath and eagerly awaited the arrival of hundreds of thirsty birds. None so far – although one perched on the edge of the bird bath and peered at the water. Still – it took a while for our feeders to attract attention so we are not concerned at this stage.

Our air conditioners started making a clacking noise a while ago so our AC man Dave took a look at it. He said it was a loose flange and that he would fix it as soon as he could get parts – and we had our six monthly service.

Much more ghastly noises became apparent last week so Dave came back yesterday and spent an hour or two ferreting about in the gizzards. The good news is that he knows exactly what it is – the other flange motor is cactus.

The bad news is that he can see no way of getting to it as it is up inside the housing on the top floor – and is surrounded by solid walls with no access. It looks like he will have to cut a hole in the wall to get at it.

He said I should not worry and that he will talk to John – who renovated the house – to see what they can come up with. I personally have no doubt that we will end up with a complete shambles – and more repair work.

Cate has organised another dinner for colleagues who are arriving in May from Europe - so I have to think about another menu. Of course it will include key lime pie and Bourbon glazed carrots – but the rest is open for discussion.

I am thinking about Australian lamb – which abounds in Indianapolis – but cooking lamb to everyone’s preferred degree of doneness is tricky.