Tuesday, September 16, 2014

56 miles in a day?

Just add sand

Today I received my handy dandy cat sprayers. These are motion detectors on cans that spray a jet of air at anything that approaches them.

So I placed them carefully and removed the great wall of boxes. So far so good – Sissi went into the dining room – activated a sprayer -  and ran like the clappers as though the hounds of hell were after her.

I am mildly encouraged by this turn of events but do not really believe that this will solve all the problems. We shall see.

In the meantime Cate has decided to walk across the Jordan desert next March. It is actually a race but Cate will be walking – along with many other competitors.

The event begins in Wadi Rum and finishes 5 days later in Petra. There is one stage of 56 miles. Yes 56 miles.

To prepare for this event she is walking every day. I have bought a treadmill so that she can walk when it is raining or snowing. The treadmill has a gizmo so that she actually use Google maps to walk anywhere she wants to in the world.

Of course I would love to do this – who wouldn’t want to walk across the desert for five days – but arthritis in my left foot sadly precludes me from such strenuous activities.

I am looking at hotels in Petra where I can wait for her with my feet in the pool and a glass of Chablis in my hand.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

I used to think stuff like this was weird

Hunter Valley NSW
We had a hot week - but on Friday fall arrived. The trees are turning and the squirrels are hastily gathering the last nuts to store before winter arrives.

Actually the squirrels are sitting on their fat asses eating the corn that I put out for them. Except that they do not seem to eat it. Yesterday I put a corn cob on the spike on the squirrel house deck and they stripped it bare – but left all the corn in a pile on the deck.

Antonio finished painting the living room ceiling and we are now ready for the next deluge.

To celebrate the impeding project completion Sissi peed – twice – on the cardboard that Antonio had put down for paint protection. He took this in his stride and just worked his way around it.

Javier came yesterday to install the lights Cate had bought for the back deck. He is very good at this sort of thing and did it without fuss. His assistant – Jake – said that his parents owned a plant nursery and he told me that I could eat the flowers in the pot on the deck table. I said I would have them for dinner.  

Meantime in Indiana – in Indiana a school has completed its preparations for a potential massacre. All the classrooms have been equipped with reinforced doors. There is a direct line to the police in every classroom. The corridors are equipped with nozzles that can spray tear gas onto lunatics with assault weapons.

I used to think stuff like this was weird.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I may even grow to like it.

The cat spray and orange oil have had – as expected  - no effect. 

I cannot shut the doors to the dining room as there are no doors. I can’t put up barriers without damaging the walls.

So today I built the great wall of boxes (TGWOB) covering the three ways into the dining room. I have used empty removal boxes and have built the wall four stories high.

This may work – or it may not. I still have other plans. One of them involves rabbit traps.

I thought I was unfortunate with the pee thing - until my daughter Molly in Paris told me that her cat poops in Biggles play pen – and Biggles eats it.

Somehow this makes me feel better – and I am comforted to know that Biggles will grow up to be big and strong and disease resistant.

Antonio is here today putting the living room ceiling back together again. We still have no clue as to what caused the deluge and are putting it down to a freak of nature which will not be repeated.

Inevitably it will be – and then John and Antonio will have to tear out the ceiling to find out what is wrong.

Antonio has his radio tuned – loudly - to a Spanish speaking station and most of the songs sound the same – like a child hammering piano keys with a mallet while  a chimpanzee is strangled with piano wire.

But it helps him focus so I am quite prepared to put up with this – and who knows – I may even grow to like it - and it may help me with my Spanish.