Friday, January 31, 2014

I will be rooting for the Broncos

Boris has finished installing our sound system and we can now get music in five rooms. At the moment we can get music from everywhere including – apparently – every radio station in the world.
He demonstrated this by hooking me in to a Bulgarian dance music station and Sydney talk radio. 
We can play music from our iPods, iPads and iPhones – but not iTunes which is what we really want.
He is not a Mac person so left me to my own devices to hook up the system to my iTunes library - but this software task proved to be beyond my limited capabilities. He is sending a Mac man next week to complete the task. 
Sunday is Super Bowl day. I will of course be rooting for the Broncos because Peyton manning is their quarterback. He was in the winning Indianapolis Colts team in 2007 – what a game that was!
I have not decided what snacks we will have for the game. This is a big eating event and there are lots of ideas online. I do have a stash of Tim Tams for emergencies in case the game gets too tense.
I am making a sausage and cannellini bean stew for dinner tonite. I will report on the outcome. 


  1. Have not decided on my Superbowl pick. The biggest thing lately is the commercials and I am prepared to hate most of the tripe they put out there.

  2. You have a Whole Foods in your neighbourhood, I think to remember: they used to carry the best avocado dip I ever tasted. That and blue corn chips (some organic brand) that were outstanding. And roasted whole almonds, the best (for Cate, they are the ideal snack if you want to avoid carbs, and my neurologist friend says one should it a handful a day, they are good for you for many reasons). They also make an in-house medium-hot salsa and a dip with white beans (more snacks for Cate!). There are things I really miss.

    I remember one Super Bowl night with something like 3 feet of snow on the ground, everything stood still. One of our neighbours organized a party, so we trekked there on foot, it was a lovely night. I remember having fun with the commercials (they, and the people one has the party with, are the reason even people who don't get the game, like me, are having a good time on Super Bowl night).

    Enjoy it (I know my kids will be at a place where they can watch with their American friends),

  3. :(
    You should visit the Pacific Northwest sometime. It's beautiful up here.

  4. fmcgmccllc: Well I have seen number of Superbowsl - but never the commercials - because in Australia - and in the UK (which is the TV I got in Vienna) they always show local commercials. This will be a new experience.

    Merisi: Whole Foods is a bit far away but we have a wonderful Fresh Market and have stocked up there on Salsa and corn chips. I am gearing up to make my own salsa. I am trying to convoke cate that she should watch at least part of the game.

    Heather: Oh we know! We once drove from San Francisco up to Washington State and it was wonderful. And if your quarterback was Peyton manning - I would root for your team!