Thursday, January 16, 2014

What will they think of next

I forgot to tell you that I received a Shun chef’s knife for Christmas. It is fabulous. I have only ever used German knives in the kitchen - but have fallen in love with my Shun.
The snow is pelting down again today – it has been snowing now for about five hours so I am guessing I will be out shoveling later this afternoon.
There is a squirrel digging through the snow outside the kitchen window to find the bird seed I scattered there a few days ago. I have not seen any birds for days.
I found another brilliant App. It is called Paprika and is for recipes. You can input your own recipes or – when you find a recipe on the Internet  - you can  import it into your library. What will they think of next.
Boris and his team are here today setting up our sound system. There are speakers in the ceiling in a number of rooms and we were led to believe when we were looking at the house that they system was ready to go.
We found out after we moved in that the speakers were not connected to anything so we are fixing that problem We will be able to put our Bose system back into storage. We can only operate this by using a voltage converter which is the size of a small refrigerator and weighs six tonnes.
Boris is Bulgarian and last time he was here he gave me a long lecture on Bulgarian politics. I followed most of this and it convinced me that I do not want to live in Bulgaria.


  1. Please advise on what size of knife, I believe we will celebrate St. Valentines this year. A knife and an App, Big Daddy will be in heaven. Maybe even some red underpants so he can pretend he is in China. We so love our stereo in most rooms set-up.

  2. It is the Shun Premier 8" Chef's knife. It is beautifully balanced and so very sharp.

  3. Thanks, you reminded me that I left my soup simmering! Forgetful Friday ....

  4. That is a cool snow-on-roofs picture.

  5. esb: Don't you have a timer with a bell. I never leave stuff on the stove without an alarm - because I end up with black pots.

    1. I do have a timer w bell but I had wandered to the other end of the house and I couldn't hear over the sound of the fan and teleBision show. Luckily it was simmering. I usuaLLy stay in the kitchen area when cooking.