Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Indianapolis is closed today

Indianapolis is closed today.
Because of the cold weather the Mayor closed all the government offices and a lot of the schools. Cate is working from home. It reached minus 14 today and the central heating threw another wobbly – occasioning another visit from Mr. Fixit.
This time we used another technician – to get another opinion – and the answer is the same. It is just so damn cold that the inlets are freezing up and this causes the central heating to cut out overnite.
However – because of our gas fires – there is no danger of us freezing to death.
I have put extra seed out for the birds and squirrels. We had four Northern Cardinals together on Sunday – but we have only seen one squirrel. We have one new bird which I have not yet identified.
We also have a Rabbit who comes to feed after dusk.
We are currently watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix – and we both love it. Naturally we are binge watching it so will be finished all six seasons with the next few weeks.

I made a pork roast with pear chutney last night. Not a great success. I will do pork in the slow cooker on Friday – and probably have pulled pork tacos.


  1. I will show my pork. It is amazing but Detroit the manufacturing birthplace is not missing a beat with this weather nonsense, 3 shifts and 7 days.

  2. I heard school was cancelled in the Houston area but their temperatures and conditions were no where as extreme as yours. I messed up my wife's slow cooking process for her beans by turning the temperature down too low, so they went out to a restaurant instead. I chose to try to sleep but I am failing at that, but Cooper is glad I made it back home after a day of sweeping and printing. What kind of heating system do you have? I didn't understand the failure mode.

  3. fmcgmccllc: Detroit could teach Indy how to do it.

    esbboston: It is a gas system of some type but I think it is a bit too small for the downstairs. The upstairs one works just fine.