Thursday, October 30, 2014

He knows what he is doing

I am starting to be allowed to do things. Today I changed the sheets on the bed - fed the squirrels corn – and am allowed to walk one block to Tea’s Me for lunch. I was not allowed to feed the birds as this involves schlepping birdseed – which I am not up to at this stage.

I am still not allowed near the basement.

I very nearly did some dusting today but lost interest and had a nap instead. The cleaners come today so perhaps I will dust tomorrow. The cleaners only do the floors and the bathrooms which leaves quite a bit for me.

The first level of house across the road is nearly finished and I am looking forward to seeing level two go on. I can follow most of what they are doing and can answer Cate’s questions about why they are doing things a certain way.

I think boys know this stuff because they always watch houses being built but girls are busy buying shoes and frocks and have other important stuff on which to focus their attention. In Cate’s case she of course has to go to work so I am happy to watch the house for her. Anton the owner is often there and I occasionally go over and chat to him about progress.  He clearly knows what he is doing so I have refrained from giving him any advice.

I am lucky I have a free weekend before the Colts play on Monday night. I am comforted by the thought that they could not possibly play as badly as they did on last Sunday. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nathan has been doing it since 1916

Yesterday I received my delivery of IV things. They send me yellow, white and blue stuff. Today my nurse came and changed the IV thingy on my arm. We have to wear masks while she does this. She says this will go on until I see my doctor on 12 November. I am going to have a CAT scan first.

Cate is going to New Jersey next week so I will be on my own for a night. I am allowed to give myself my IV things but I am not allowed to go down to the basement. What could be down there that I am not allowed to see? Cate says John Howard is down there. I am sure this is not true.

From my study I can see a man exercising his puppy. He has been doing this for a long time and he disappears for a while only to surface again on the lawn next door. He does not come onto our side of the lawn. He is wearing a red flannel shirt and a beanie. I think there may be a kangaroo loose in the top paddock.

It is election day next Tuesday and the woman next door is hoping to be elected as the Marion County Recorder. I have no idea what that is but we have a sign of hers in our front garden. She is a very nice lady and a Democrat so we would vote for her if we could but we have no status here whatsoever.

I had hot dogs for lunch today and Cate had two. I never thought Cate would eat a hot dog but she said they were delicious. I think she is becoming American – I will see if I can get her to Dunkin’ Donuts.

They were of course Nathan’s hot dogs which are just the best. For some reason you cannot buy a decent dog in Australia – they all taste funny and chewy. Nathan has been making them since 1916 so has had lots of practice.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

He has great teeth

I am something of an expert on Vitamix Blenders now so have moved on. I am investigating the Biggest Little Ladder in the world which folds to 24 different positions and can take 300 pounds. I don’t think I need it but it sure is tempting.

I can’t get interested in the jewelry or dresses  - although there are lots of these channels – and still have to check out the Kitchen Whiz which has 18 attachments and can do almost everything. I just can’t wait to get into this.

The religious channels are all pretty much the same - and for some reason many have really old films – but Joel Osteen is fabulous and has great teeth. I found I can get him on radio for $5.95 each month – but then I would not see his teeth.

Americans are obsessed with teeth and spend a lot of time talking about them and whitening them. It brings tears to my eyes to see someone on TV who has their life transformed by turning their mouth into a glistening brilliant white set of new teeth.

I mean it really does transform their lives and they tell us no uncertain terms.

Monday, October 27, 2014

I am always amazed by what they can do

Apparently I am not as well as I thought I was.

I walked four blocks to CVS pharmacy with Cate yesterday and nearly pegged out on the way home. I had to lie down and contemplate life for the rest of the day – and unfortunately also had to watch the Colts get belted by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What is going on here?

I have bought myself a book ‘Football for Dummies’ so that I can begin to understand the game – but it is beyond my grasp at the moment. Particularly as I watch without sound because noise bothers me.

Lenny and Carmenchita and Yossi are in Hawaii. From their window you can see the pink place where I stayed on my one and only trip 25 odd years ago.

Lizzie flew to the west coast yesterday and had an 11 hour wait between flights. No I don’t know how this could happen either.

The neighbours across the road found out I was sick and brought food parcels – including a truly excellent cake which I am demolishing as we speak.

Cate is back at work to today but I am not allowed to do anything except mooch about. I am not allowed down to the basement – which is of course where I want to go more than anything – and am confined to the upper floors.

I can’t really read so will have to find something I can watch without sound. I find the shows about Vitamix Blenders to be very therapeutic and am always amazed by what they can do.

Friday, October 24, 2014

It is prettier than they thought

We have been to a couple of really exciting places during the last few days.  

We went to Edwards the legendary diner which was established in 1957. I had a great dog - Lenny had tenderloin and Carmenchita had some chili. The ambience was great but the fries were not good. The were crinkly and not tasty at all. One thing you do expect here is good crispy fires.

The we went to Shapiro’s downtown and I had a kosher dog. I just love dogs. Carmenchita had the matzo ball soup and Lenny had the hot beef sandwich and a mac and cheese.

We got to Whole Foods before I pegged out and had to come home and lie down. This happens a lot.

We still want to go to Trader Joe’s and this may happen today.

They all say Indianapolis is much prettier than they expected it to be. Perhaps I need to look at it in a new light.

Yossi has just about adapted to the time change and is starting to sleep at night. This is not a good sign for when they get back to Australia next week – after a few days in Hawaii.