Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nuts to you

Nuts to you
ESB has kindly informed me that yesterday was Squirrel Appreciation Day. I am guessing that this is not a day which is celebrated my many Americans – but it works for us. I have given the squirrels an extra helping of bird seed – although they will have to dig in the snow for it.
I decided to go through all my CDs and make sure that they were in iTunes. In the process I discovered that the last bunch of movers had dropped a box of CDs – apparently from a great height – and what remained – in two large plastic cartons – was a jumble of smashed CD cases and many CDs floating about without a home. It took me hours to sort this out – and a day or two to make sure that all the music is in the right place.
Last night I cooked my rack of lamb – my first ever – and Cate gave me a rating of 9.5. This is the highest rating I have ever received. I think she is too generous but I must admit that it was pretty good. I did it with a honey and rosemary rub.
I must say that my oven thermometer – which tells me when the meat is cooked – is one of the best investments I have ever made. You can adjust it for lamb, beef, turkey, chicken and pork – and program it for rare, medium rare, medium or well done. It is brilliant.
Tomorrow I am going to try to cook Chili. This will be another first. This is practically an American national dish – but I am still surprised  at the large number of recipes I have been able to find online – with some quite astonishing ingredients.
Cate has decided that she no longer wants to eat carbohydrates – which cuts out a lot of dishes in my repertoire – so I must become more creative. It will be fun when Molly gets here in a few weeks. She will not eat meat unless it does not look like meat. This requires some skill on my part. 

It is well below freezing today and snow is forecast for the next three days. We just love it.


  1. When our kids were young we took them to visit family in Canada. They fell in love with the squirrels and loved feeding them. The relatives dismissed them as annoying pests (the squirrels, not the kids ;)

    Lamb - pretty much the only meat I eat. And like Cate, I'm trying to cut out carbs - I shall be watching out for your recommendations, Badger!

  2. Yes, chili is one of those dishes that every family has a recipe and some families guard them like gold. Pasta sauce is another one like that. It is so cold here I have not seen the squirrels in days. Once in a while I see a bunny track.

  3. Alexia: We loved the possums in Australia - and like squirrels they are regarded by many as pests. Squirrels are not as cute as possums but they are pretty damn cute. I shall share my recipes with you.

    fmcgmccllc: I will start with something simple. WE see bunny tracks here to - and the occasional bunny.