Thursday, May 26, 2016

No sooner

The new garden by Amanda from Gardens of Growth. 
No sooner do I promise that I will blog more often - I don’t. 

Things have been a bit hectic around here lately. Georgia is even madder than she was - which is a bit difficult to imagine. She has had lots to bark at recently as the gardening guys have been working out the front and the man next door is building a patio. 

However - Cate has planted lots of new stuff in the back garden and Georgia is ignoring it. I think it is too young and small as she really prefers to eat mature and healthy plants that she can get her teeth into. 

We are going to Cleveland this weekend because -well I don't really know. But we are driving and will see some of the spectacular scenery which garnishes the Indiana hinterland. You can never see too much corn. 

It is getting really hot here and when Johny is here mowing the lawn and doing the gardening I find it exhausting just watching him - and sometimes have to do it sprawled on the couch. There is a massive amount of stuff for me to do this summer so Johnny will be flat out like a lizard drinking.  

We are starting to watch the new season of GoT. Someone wrote somewhere that parts of the show don't make any sense. Parts of the show? You mean like all of it? But the dragons sure make sense!

The grizzly slow moving trail off shlock that is the Trump-mobile grinds ever so slowly along - like dog poo sliding down a hot pavement.  Every day you simply cannot avoid seeing him honking his insane gibberish to hordes of slavering nincompoops. 

Surely someone will invent a ‘Trump removal app’. 

As Scott Adams has said ‘you can never  underestimate the stupidity of the general public’.

And I apologize if I have offended any Trump supporters - but you are idiots. 

If I was religious I would be praying for it to end so that President Clinton can get on with it. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Just one damn thing after another

Brisbane from level 73
Life is just one damn thing after another.

We stayed in Brisbane for two days and resided at something called the Meriton Towers - on level 73. This was a perfect height for someone like me who is dreadfully afraid of heights so I spent a lot of my time on my hands and knees crawling past floor to ceiling windows. 

I love it when I get back to Australia because you can get good espresso coffee in any cafe. In Australia we were brought up on Italian espresso and I can remember having espresso in 1960. 

We have a long way to go in respect off coffee in Indianapolis but we sure beat the hell out of Australia in respect of gun deaths. 

Then went to Sydney to stay with my son Lenny and his wife Carmelita. 

His dog - Lenny - usually bites me on sight but appears to be in remission so I remained unscathed. 

Lenny is not a well tempered dog and when we went to the park to give him a run he barked at everyone and everything. Someone said ‘what’s up with the dog’ to which Lenny replied ‘he hates people and other dogs’. 

I stayed in the room next to their son HG  - who is not yet two- and is not the best sleeper in the world. He has an excellent pair of lungs and may grow up to be an auctioneer. 

Lenny and Carmelita used to be very fond of Lenny (the dog) but their enthusiasm has waned since HG arrived. Their other dog Bandit - who has only one eye - is much better behaved. 

I went to the Hunter Valley to see my dear friends Jack and Jill. We drank too much wine and saw lots of kangaroos. Jack has a new Jaguar which he calls Mick and we took it for a spin through the vineyards. It goes like the clappers. 

I visited my ancient  brother in Sydney - and my slightly less ancient brother from Melbourne came up to stay. They are 82 and 80 years old respectively and still have all their faculties - except for the fact that they are far too right wing for my liking  - but I let them off because old white men are expected to  be right wing. 

But they read Murdoch papers in Australia so are subjected to daily intensive brainwashing about the evils of liberals and the climate change hoax. 

I was pleased to see that little has changed here while I was away. Donald Trump is still a gibbering baboon and Hillary is on her way to being President.

And the  garden people have started on the front. We now have large parts of a wall and I am sure plants will follow.