Thursday, January 23, 2014

I have my very own troll.

William Skyvington has been pursuing me relentlessly for years and leaving a trail of insulting messages on my blog. These comments are often subtle – but sometimes very direct. He has even on occasion sent me insulting emails when I do not respond to his comments.
I have indulged him to date because I think he is a little bit stranger than the average bear - and lives alone in the wilds of France - with only goats and donkeys for company. I suspect he drinks quite a bit and this may occasion his most virulent outbursts.
Who am I – as a citizen of the world – to deny him the obvious pleasure he gets from castigating me for my very many sins – blogging and otherwise.  
Until recently I had never deleted any of his comments but - the two posted on the weekend were just an insult too far. These first was;
“You say: “We will be able to put our Bose system back into storage. We can only operate this by using a voltage converter which is the size of a small refrigerator and weighs six tonnes.” By “voltage converter”, I imagine you mean an old-fashioned transformer. The allusion to a refrigerator that weighs six tonnes is pure Bulgarian technology. I trust you paid Boris a fine sum for his precious advice. In Aussie parlance, Badger, you come through at times as what we used to call a sucker”.

(William apparently thinks I paid a Bulgarian to tell me about transformers. Actually I spoke to Mr. Google and Mr. Amazon).


“In kindly old-fashioned Aussie terms, Badger, you've always occupied a special place in my scientific mind (ever since you asked me how to convert the trellis of my rose garden into a cage for cats in Vienna) as an amazingly dumb bugger... “

(William – in common with some others - apparently takes my blog – and my comments on other blogs – seriously. This is rarely wise).

I found both these comments just too offensive even for my hardened ears – so deleted them. This enraged William:
“Badger: I think you’ll find that, once you start censuring comments to your blog (simply because such observations offend your money-based nouveaux-riches pompousness, vulgarity and obsessive spending), readers will discover that you’re hiding something. Maybe they won’t… which is the best thing that I might wish you. Meanwhile, in view of your censure, I consider you as an unfriendly curmudgeon who lacks balls.”

William –The only thing I have been hiding is my view of you as a gold plated, steaming, honking tosser with more than enough vitriol and spite than can be good for a person. I don’t give a rat’s ass about you and your funny little world.
I would very much appreciate it if you would piss off and leave me alone. There are millions of other bloggers you can bother the shit out of.
All future comments and emails of yours will be deleted.
Have a nice life.


  1. That's amazing: the gadgets you installed up there, blinks and runs even in the preview picture of my blogroll! ;-)

  2. That is kinda funny about the obsessive spending, I always thought you were a bit on the frugal side. I guess we all see things in our own way. I mean, who else willingly vacations with the Chinese in a water type vacay. Makes me want to drink.

  3. He reaLLy pissed me off when he left the most recent things. I consider you a dear friend and was appalled at his words. I went looking for him online and he obviously publishes a bunch of material online and in print. He obviously doesn't understand the purpose of your blog and your style of entertaining by writing. France? Perhaps Jason Bourne can take care of him for us. I just think he is socially retarded.

  4. Ah, how I feel for you! You know that I've been harassed and abused by the crazy German Wicked Witch of the West for 12 years now. In her last three comments she called me a "notoriously lying bitch and a lousy criminal." In past comments she informed me that I am not only a gangster (?!?), but bi-polar and mentally ill. Pot, meet kettle.

    She's on permanent ignore now. Her comments come and I immediately send them to spam for safekeeping. I'd delete them, but she has made death threats in the past and I need the evidence just in case she ever comes to the US and hunts me down. In the early years, before everyone who knew her online figured out how deranged she is and dumped her, she sent her Flying Monkeys after me as well. At one point I was getting monkey turd-bombed by three other people she knew from Amsterdam, Sweden, and the UK. After about three years of being ignored, they flew away, but the Wicked Witch still hovers around.

    This is a long comment, but I just wanted you to know that I completely understand what this crap is like. I hope your stalker will Google the latest cyber-stalking laws--some people are being sent to prison now, and pressed with hefty fines.

  5. I notice a comment has been deleted. Must be the RAT again. And, like Merisi, I am amazed and in wonder that the gadget works. It is a wonderful gadget. I enjoy your blog tremendously because I, too, love eccentric old farts and consider myself one. Cheers

  6. Yes, I always tried to give skyvo the benefit of the doubt, but there was always little digs that just seemed to be intentionally mean. I put it down to jealousy and just thought he'd go away. But what will he do now that he can't spend his entire day thinking of spiteful comments to hurl at you?

  7. Sorry. The deleted comment was mine. Blogger is apparently posting some comments twice. :)

  8. Merisi: I regret I was not clever enough to make it. I stole it from a gif site - but I think it was public domain.

    fmcgmcllc: I mus admit we push the boat out on holidays - other than that it is the essentials of life.

    esb: I have never really understood why I displease him quite so much. But I am happy to move on.

    SK Waller: I am fortunate that my experience has been nothing like yours. I love monkey turd-bombed! It is a perfect description.

    Mary Anne Rudolph; You are too kind - I am most certainly an eccentric old fart.
    When you are elected President of the EOFC I will be your VP.

    lenny: He has often gone away - but always came back - but not this time. Well - he has his goats and donkeys - and a lovely dog.

  9. Love your thingummyjig. Very appropriate and quite fabulous. And sorry that stupid bugger has been bothering you..