Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another day in St Johns

Snow trucks
We have explored St Johns from one end to the other and have visited many restaurants and coffee shops. The city is just as civilised as Montreal and everyone has espresso coffee. There are some excellent restaurants - indeed more good ones than we have in Indianapolis.

We are still looking at alternatives for escape as Toronto is still a shambles and many flights in and out have been canceled. However it is warming up there and will be warmer still in the next few days. Of course we are still talking about below zero temperatures - but not of the arctic variety.

The first leg of our trip home on Friday is to Ottawa and we are confident of making it there - but expect that we may be spending a few days seeing the sights in that city. At least we will be off the island of Newfoundland and will have a greater range of options.

The locals are astonished by the weather and no one to whom we have spoken - and some have lived here all their lives - can remember getting this much snow in December and January. They are making progress clearing the streets and have even cleared some of the footpaths. 

It is snowing again today - but not at a level that will have much impact. But it is still below zero and we had rain yesterday which means that the streets and footpaths that have been cleared are very icy. It is hazardous just walking to our favorite coffee shop which is 100 meters away from the hotel.

We stocked up on books in Gander so have lots of reading material. I am currently reading 'A People's History of the United States' by Howard Zinn. Some Conservatives hate Howard Zinn so he must have some excellent attributes.

Today we went out to buy some stone sculptures made by the descendants of the original inhabitants of Newfoundland and Labrador. We bought some beautiful pieces - a bird and an Inukshuk. These will be excellent companions for our penguins and our ducks.

Being in a city we have explored - and with it snowing outside - gives us a great excuse to loaf about reading and popping downstairs occasionally to have coffee and cake.

We are really hoping that we get out on Friday. As much as we love St Johns - we have now been here too long.


  1. A friend arrived this morning at Vienna Airport, traveling from Victoria, BC via Toronto, without delays.

    Hoping you'll allso be that lucky and get home safely, soon.


  2. Merisi: as if Thursday morning it looks good for a Friday departure!

  3. Good luck and safe trip home! xxx

  4. I somehow missed this one (?) It is a day fiLLed with slight pain, but it is Friday, so I think alcohol is on the schedule after work.