Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How clever is that!

I chopped the Christmas tree up into very small pieces and put it into large plastic bags. Then I took it to Broadripple park where the Christmas trees go to die. This took about four hours. Next year we are getting a smaller tree.
Then I tried to vacuum up all the needles – of which there were approximately one trillion – and were all over the house. I vacuumed for an hour and when I had finished and put the vacuum cleaner away I found even more of the little blighters hiding in nooks and crannies.
I will hunt them down over the next month or so but I suspect they will be a bit like the hairs from the Reindeer rug - and haunt us for years to come.
Did I mention that Cate resurrected the Reindeer rug? It now resides on the sofa in our bedroom – and scatters hairs to the four winds. I took some to Canada with me on the bottom of my bag and spread them around Montreal and St Johns.
Today I finally downloaded Shazam. This is an App that listens to music and tells you what it is. How clever is that!
I think Shazam has been around for some years but I have never really needed it because I listened to – and watched - a lot of music when we were in Vienna.
We have about 275 channels on our satellite TV – but none of them is a music channel – and we have no Indie music stations here – so I have to ferret things out as best I can. They do have country music stations here – which I like to listen to in small doses. But there is a limit to how long one can listen to someone howling mournfully about lost love.
Anyway – I occasionally hear music on the local stations that I like – but they never say what it is – hence Shazam.


  1. I had never heard of Shazam. Sounds like an interesting piece of software. I saw that Carlos Slim has a large holding.

    1. I have a Dyson DC25 Animal vacuum which I love. My wife had to borrow it to take downtown because another one of her vacuums has died - I think that makes 4 vacuums they have killed in 3 years and 4 days in that building - none of them Dysons.

  2. No Indie stations in Indy! How can it be?

  3. esb: I think it has been around for a long time. I am fascinated by it. You will have difficulty killing the Dyson - I have two and they are terrific.

    NanU: I know - it is unbelievable how they could let this happen.