Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Would you like to be my friend?

National Rhododendron garden - Victoria
The cat minder decided to hang on to the letter box key for reasons which are as yet unknown. There is no news about the scoop.
I have booked tickets for us to see Handel’s Messiah with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra on 21 December. This is our only (almost) religious event of the year so is pretty special as it has to last us 365 days. I am sure the Americans do not stand during the Hallelujah chorus so we will ensure that we do not embarrass ourselves.
Molly’s baby is now due on 11 November. She and Gaston are expecting a boy. I have suggested that Biggles would be an appropriate name.
All her in-laws arrived en masse in Paris from Marseille last weekend for the big event – but went away empty handed. I can’t get to Paris for the birth but Molly, Gaston and Biggles will come to Indianapolis as soon as they are able to travel.
Indianapolis has the largest children’s museum in the world so I will take Biggles there. He will be too young to appreciate it fully but will be able to tell his friends later in life what he did as a small child with his grandfather. He will have photos to prove it.
Cate says I need to practice my French  so that I can converse with Biggles but I am sure he will speak English as well as French. Besides – I need to devote my energy to learning Spanish for our trips to South America.
When I do this I will be able to speak three languages badly (French, German and Spanish) and three reasonably well (Australian, English and American). Although my American needs some work.

I am getting quite a collection of grandchildren and to keep up to date with their life events I have resurrected my Facebook account. If you would like to be my friend – please feel free.


  1. I've never known an audience not to stand during the Hallelujah Chorus, American or otherwise. I was the assistant conductor of a symphony for six years in California though, not Indiana.

  2. I have you beat - I can speak and/or read 12 languages badly, some of them veRy badly. I am not even including Mongolian for which I know one greeting,
    "How is the health of your horse herd?"

  3. SK Waller: Ah well..they do not stand in Vienna - but there they are barbarians who smoke in restaurants so what can you expect.

    esb: I cannot compete with that. I will stop at Spanish.

    fmcgmccllc: Molly will be pleased.

  4. Too bad I am already your FB friend, I would have gladly taken you up on your invitation to join you! ;-)

    They do not only stand, but the SING ALONG at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Maybe you should try to fly up there for the event? it is really jolly good fun. Jim would have loved it.

  5. Well I think singing is going a bit too far!