Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What do the Indianapolites do in winter?

Bare tree and high gutters
Up until this morning the big tree outside our kitchen had lost only a few leaves. Apparently today was the day to shed them because the leaves started to fall about 8:00 this morning and within two hours the tree was completely bare.
It was an astonishing sight – the leaves fell like rain – I have never seen anything like it.
As soon as I get back from Chicago I can fire up the leaf blower-mulcher and give it a workout. Cate says all the leaves are to go on the garden as compost – as nature intended – but I think there are too many – even if they are mulched – and I am not sure how I get rid of the rest of them. I will have to ask my neighbor.
There are still some trees around the house with leaves – and as soon as they are gone I apparently need to clean the gutters. This – I can assure you – is not a job the Badger will undertake because of his propensity to fall off things – and those gutters are really high.
These days the Badger is not even really safe on a step ladder.
I have already sourced gutter cleaners from Angie’s list and am ready to have them leap into action as soon as the last leaf has fallen.
Today it is hovering around zero and is not much fun outside unless you are rugged up in your winter woollies.
I wonder what the Indianapolites do during winter? I think the cats and us will spend a lot of time in front of the fire. We will read and the cats will do what cats do – which is not much.


  1. Cats: Watch you read. A few of the smarter ones may even wonder what you are reading, and may wonder why any human would read anything that was not about cats. Stay warm and close to the earth ...

  2. esb: My cats like to watch TV - particularly golf.