Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Maybe it's a bit like Vegemite

When were in Chicago we ate at Michael Jordan’s steak house. We normally eschew places like this – bearing famous people’s names - but it was late in the evening and we did not have time to look for anything else suitable – and we felt like a steak – which we do not do too often – so we went.
It was indeed an excellent steak and we washed it down with some excellent wine – I have no idea what it was because Cate always picks the wine – me being something of a dunce when it comes to wine – but I like everything she chooses.
It was of course stunningly expensive – but we were paying for the name – and the fact that Michael may appear and say hello. Not that we would recognize him. Cate asked me who he was and I said he was a basketball player. She wrinkled her nose at this but I told her she did not have to watch basketball – just eat steak and drink wine.
We always have a problem with breakfast wherever we go because Cate’s favorite breakfast is muesli with fruit and yoghurt and you can just imagine how many places in middle America do that. But Chicago did.
We ended up in a place called The Corner Bakery where she had some disgusting oatmeal – made with water - on the first day - but got lucky on day two with Bircher muesli with yoghurt.
My traveling breakfast is coffee with croissants – so my needs are always met - unless of course the place we visit does not have espresso coffee and instead has those large drums of brown muck that many Americans drink. My humble apologies to those American readers who do drink this brown muck.
I guess if I had been raised on it I would probably like it. Maybe it’s a bit like getting accustomed to Vegemite.


  1. The Corner Bakery, who'd have thunk you'd land in one of their franchises! They made I very nice tomato soup in my time and the quiches were outstanding.

    Americans know how to make a great steak, starting from the point where it still has four legs, to hanging it dry just long enough, and then throw it on a hot grill. Major stuff.

    Had lunch at Wrenkh Wiener Kochsalon today. Morels in cream sauce on soy pasta, heaven. Would have tasted even better if you were along.

  2. Merisi: I miss my outings with you - and the gastronomical delights we found.

  3. I barely am "out to lunch" anymore since you left. it really sxcks.