Monday, November 11, 2013

We will have a spittoon ready

Soon - on occasions - it will be too cold and icy for me to walk around our neighborhood so yesterday I decided to crank my exercise bike into life. 
But naturally I cannot find the power cord  - and this could be anywhere. So Amazon to the rescue and a new one will be here on Tuesday.
Whether or not it will be the right one is another matter because of course they don’t make the same models here as they do in Europe.
Cate has decided that she will have ‘Christmas drinks’ for her staff and their partners at our house. This will mean that the house will be full of hordes of people looking for food and drink.
This will be a nervous breakdown inducing occasion for me but Cate has roped in Gwenyth who will arrive just in time to do it with me.
She will no doubt make Lamingtons and Pavlovas – and maybe even some Anzac biscuits – so that we can give the guests a little taste of Australia. We will probably also make them try vegemite but will have a spittoon ready.
And apparently I can get cricket here in the USA if I subscribe to the cable channel. I am about to investigate this but may wait until after the next Ashes series so that I don’t get too depressed when England wallop Australia.


  1. I have a request! Could you please, pretty-please, write a blog entry about your immersion into food shopping in America? I'd like to know what supermarket you use and how you're doing deciphering product names and measurements. :)

  2. Gwenyth is magical. I like to think of her as The Food Fairy. But my silly iPhone tries to spell check her name as "Gee ugh", which I find just plain rude and I think Apple corporation should issue her a formal apple-pology.

  3. SK Waller: I will start working on it immediately! Will post next week.

    esb: She is indeed a food fairy and can cook 10 things at once. I don't think apple does pologies

    1. Your use of 'cook', 'apple' and pologies in the same paragraph reminded me of their CEO Tim Cook apologizing about Apple's mapping software, one of the few times a high tech firm has ever apologized for something.