Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cate will make Lamingtons

I am pleased to report that Molly safely delivered Biggles last Saturday. Gaston was present throughout the procedure and panted along with Molly as required. They are all home together now - and Molly and Gaston are discovering the joys of parenthood.  We are planning on having them here early next year and are already thinking about bassinettes and car seats.
The few remaining leaves fell from the trees so on Tuesday I took the mulcher for a run. It performed very well but I there were immense numbers of leaves and it took me about six hours to clear them from the main piece of lawn. I call it lawn but it is really a loose collection of tufts of grass punctuated by muddy patches and broad-leafed weeds.
I have high hopes for it – perhaps next year.
The next door neighbors have invited us to a Thanksgiving get together next Saturday night. We got an invitation in the mail so suspect that there will be quite a crowd.
The invitation says that it starts at 7:00 PM and finishes at 3:00 AM. Should be quite a knees up. They are providing the Turkey and we are asked to bring our favorite Thanksgiving dish. 

We don’t have one of these so I am planning on making my favorite Turkish dish – Patates Batasi – and Cate is going to make Lamingtons.


  1. Congratulations to all of you! What joy. :-)

    I thought you were going up to Virginia for Thanksgiving. Maybe I read that on another blog. *giggles*

    Lamingtons! Believe it or not, I found a recipe, with pictures, in my Thanksgiving-Christmas collection, the one with torn-out magazine recipes I like to leaf through but rarely use. Funny thing is, I realized they are just like squares my mum used to make. I wonder where the recipe originated. Don't know the Austrian name for it anymore.

  2. Yes we are going to VA. The knees up next door is on 23 November. Hmmm.. perhaps it is not an Australian invention - perhaps we imported it from Europe.

  3. Congrats on Biggles. The leaf mulching is an ongoing process, eventually the snow will just cover everything and then you don't have to worry anymore. Till next year.

  4. Many congratulations! What a happy event for the holiday season.

    I need to Google Lamingtons...

  5. fmcgmccllc: I will hope for early snow so I don't have to look at dying leaves.

    SK Waller: Thanks. I think Lamingtons might be an acquired taste - like Vegemite - but they are worth a try. I will make them for you when you come to visit.

  6. Ah! A new little French person, congrats! Hope everyone is doing okay.