Monday, November 25, 2013

The widgets are supposed to be loose

We went to the Thanksgiving knees up next door on Saturday night. It was really a Democratic function as they are are up to their ears in the local party – in fact Peggy-Sue is running for office in the local county administration.
It was quite comforting being in a house with 100 or so Democrats as we could discuss politics and talk about the evil Republican menace that is threatening the lives of all Americans if not civilization as a whole.
There were in fact a couple of Republicans but they wore dark capes – had fangs – and dripped venom on the carpet.
I did my Patates Batasi – with Australian bush spices – and it was a howling success. People lined up for it. I may go into the catering business.
Today I am making pumpkin soup with ginger, lime and orange. I have not done this before so am slightly concerned - as I always am when I make something new. But Bru Burger is only 5 minutes away if there is a disaster.
Our Insinkerator has been making strange noises since we moved into the house but worked OK so we did not worry about it too much. It got worse last week so I had a look down the sink and found a couple of widgets that were loose.
I called Mr. Appliance – who arrived at 8:00 AM this morning. I turned it on to demonstrate the strange noise it made – and of course it did not.
Her told me that the widgets were supposed to be loose so that they could munch things up.
He could find nothing wrong with it but comforted me by saying that it was probably something like a bread tie that had been caught in there and had freed itself the moment he walked through the door.
Tomorrow we start our road trip to Virginia and beyond. We are driving as far as we can tomorrow and will stop in the wilds of Ohio or West Virginia.
There are apparently ferocious storms coming to the east coast this week – but we have just survived a tornado so are not worried.
I am taking my MacAir so – if I do not blog – I will at least give you photos. 


  1. You seem to have somehow turned into a magnet for the weather, perhaps part time catering and weather reporting. I would ask if you outfitted the car with all the appropriate gear, but I am sure that you studied up and have that in hand.

  2. Ah, you are educating me. I had never heard of "knees up".

  3. Esbboston:
    Have you ever watched the Muppets?
    Knees up, Mother Brown

    1. I know who the Muppets are, but I am not sure I have spent a substantial time watching them.