Thursday, November 14, 2013

How cool is that

A reminder of Vienna
I am packed and ready to go to Chicago. I am taking only the bare essentials – warm clothing, wine and chocolate biscuits – and of course my iPad. The chocolate biscuits are of course the Australian ones you can get at World Market. They are actually Tim Tams but are not called Tim Tams – just chocolate biscuits.
I was there on Wednesday and bought 10 packets.
This will be my first major trip on an the Interstate highway and I am very excited about it.
But not as excited as I am about my latest acquisition – a talking meat thermometer.
I found out about these types of contraptions when I was in Sydney with Lenny. He has a meat thermometer which you use by sticking a probe in the meat – and the actual thermometer thingy hangs outside the barbecue so you can monitor the temperature.
Mine goes one step further. You stick the probe in the meat and the monitor thingy goes with you wherever you are. When the meat is ready it tells you. How cool is that.
Cate says it is not too cold in Chicago so I am taking my second warmest coat. The warmest one is used for things like trips to the Arctic circle – which is a regular feature of our lives.

I hope I can send you some pics from Chicago.


  1. How cool for you to find the cookies. I have been freezing my butt off, it is not so cold, in the low 30's, it is the wind which is quite ferocious.

  2. I have not spent any quality time in Chicago yet, only brief moments on the tarmac passing through. I have a Carhardt coat with a hood for walks in the park at its coldest. You have me thinking of a Robert Frost poem now ...

  3. fmcgmccllc: It just beats me why this place would sell Australian cookies AND Vegemite!

    esb: I don't know what at Carhardt coat is but it sounds very warm. My warmest coat is a Boss one from Vienna - but I also have Jack Wolfskin sweaters and gloves.