Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Where is my Picasa album?

I noticed today that my Picasa album was missing from my blog. I then discovered that there is no longer a widget to attach a Picasa album to a blog. How long has this been going on? Where are my photos?
A brief amount of research leads me to believe that it may have something to do with Google+. Apparently I should participate in this – but as yet have no idea what it is.
I am clearly well out of touch with the latest social networking technology and will need to sharpen up.
I have activated my Twitter account – but have not yet tweeted. I have racked my brains but have not yet been able to think of anything useful to say. At this stage I think that my tweets may be infrequent – possibly bi-annual.
I have also joined Instagram – and I am not sure what the purpose of this is – so have not yet grammed.
All this is taking a toll on my house chores and I have not yet activated the leaf blower/mulcher so the yard is looking a bit untidy. I have also still not watched the instructional DVD for my new Cuisinart Pro Classic food processor.


  1. I thought of you when I was making my soup the other day, and thought, "I should just pack up aLL my pans and ingredients and go make [insert your real name here] soup. How far is it to Indianapolis?"

  2. Not sure if you still read the Austrian Times, but you'll be pleased to know that the Austrians haven't stopped finding inventive ways of shuffling off this mortal coil:

  3. esb: It is a long drive but it would be well worth it. I would make you some Hungarian Goulash soup.

    viennesewalz: I had forgotten all about the AT - and must get back to it. The Austrians are immensely creative in disposing of themselves and these two should be in line for a Darwin Award.

    1. I just checked to see if there is a Kurt Vonnegut museum in Indianapolis and there IS !!!! I have read practically aLL of his books.