Friday, November 22, 2013

It was a complete madhouse

Our favorite white wine at the moment is New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. We love the fresh grassy and fruity flavor. We would actually prefer the Austrian Sauvignon Blancs – for which we acquired a taste – as we find these just a little bit less grassy – but Austrian wine is not easy to find here in the supermarkets.
Although – amazingly – we have found some Austrian Gruner Veltliner on the wine menu at a couple of restaurants in Indy – but they are not Weinguts of which we have ever heard. We drank them anyway.
But what is surprising is that the New Zealand wines we like are cheaper than they are in Australia – if we buy them at our local supermarkets – or even cheaper if we buy them at Costco.
I have made a couple of forays to Costco over the last two days to buy some things in bulk – you know - things like a pallet of toilet paper - a pack of 64 toothbrushes- and a box of 248 cans of cat food (they have the cat’s favorites) and I started laying in supplies of wine for Christmas.
I find the Costco concept absolutely fascinating and stare in awe at the amazing things – and quantities – they have. Today I saw a Turkey oven. That’s what it was called. It was the size of small refrigerator. I am guessing you would need to cook Turkey more than once a year at Thanksgiving to make it cost effective – and you would also need lots of storage space.
On Friday afternoon Costco was a complete madhouse – absolute chaos. I shudder to think what it will be like the week before Christmas. Spare me.
Reminder to self – start shopping for Christmas immediately after Thanksgiving. 


  1. I LOVE Costco. But it can be a dangerous place to shop. I come home with things I didn't realize I needed. They have great produce.

  2. Always thought you had great taste, Badger :)

    make sure you buy the Marlborough ones, not those from Hawke's Bay. I don't like the very grassy ones, either.

  3. And they give you all those taste samples, too!

  4. And congratulations on Biggles' touchdown. he will give you a great deal of pleasure.

  5. I have never been to a Costco nor do I think I have seen one while driving by, not sure. I have been to Sam's Club several times but prefer not to go. I think I have ate more grapes in the last five years than the previous fifty. Not sure about if the form of wine. Lately we have been getting rotisserie chickens, mmm, leftovers make great soups, and Cooper gets the dark meat.

  6. I panicked the last time I was in Costco for dog food. Way too many people. My goal is to completely avoid traditional stores this Season...hello Amazon! Best of luck in your navigation.

  7. Wanderlust: Well I bought things that surprised even me.

    Alexia: Yes of course we buy the right ones! And thanks.

    SK Waller: There are hordes of them all over the place. You could have lunch just eating the samples.

    esb: Well I think you should give it a try just for educational purposes. We used to give our big boy cat raw chicken wings and he just loved them.

    Heather: There must be a time during the week when it is not so busy - I need to find this.

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