Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What did he think would happen?

The Rolling Stones were here on 4 July at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I could have gone to see them but I would have had to pay $300 for standing room. I am absolutely not going to pay that sort of money to see people - who are older than I am - sing songs that I bought on CD 30 years ago.

They follow closely on the heels of other world class acts such as the Wiggles - although the Wiggles had a smaller venue. 

Everyone comes here sooner or later. AC/DC was here a few years ago. Taylor Swift (Shriek!) will be here soon. Of course we have country singers in droves. One of my favorite singers - Sara Evans - was at the National Rifle Association annual conference last year. 

We have lots of country radio stations here and that is basically all I listen to these days when I am in the car because we have no Indie radio stations and everyone plays mainstream dross. I am moving towards buying my Silverado with bull horns and a gun rack. 

At home I have satellite radio and can listen to anything I like. 

I was astonished at the number of reports of injuries caused by fireworks so my curious mind had a look at the statistics. Turns out that in 2013 there were 11,400 injuries and 8 deaths caused by fireworks. There were many house fires and related incidents. The 11,400 is of course the number of people who ended up in hospital emergency centers. Who knows how many damaged themselves not quite severely enough to seek medical help.

I guess in most of these incidents the idjit factor seemed to be involved.

I watched some videos of people playing with fireworks and it is really quite astonishing what they - mainly young men - will do - for reasons which remain unfathomable.

Many are obsessed with attaching things to their bottoms and testicles. These all seem to have much the same outcome and all would result in trips to hospital:

Doctor: Leaping Lizards how did this happen?

He with the scorched balls: Well I attached a rocket to my nuts and when it went off it incinerated them. 

Doctor: I see………..…and what did you think was going to happen?

But in the context of gun deaths here - fireworks are not worth worrying about - after all who needs ten fingers - or two testicles?


  1. You know, at the risk of sounding like a curmudgeonly old broad, I just have no more f***s left to give to these morons. This year I started looking at them differently. I now thank them for culling the gene pool. In more ways than one, apparently. I've also been thinking lately that if we'd start evolving to having only one testicle or ovary each, this world might just be the better for it. Most people don't deserve two.

  2. Lets make that an F150 so I feel better going to work.

  3. No Indie in Indy? How can this be!?

  4. Here they are trying to ban fireworks except for public exhibitions. They should ban idjits altogether.

  5. SK Waller. I agree entirely but as it seems that every act of stupidity is now recorded and put on there Internet it is interesting to watch gross moronity on display.

    esb; She has been my favorite for a long time.

    fmc: Yes of course - I apologize - very thoughtless of me. An F150 with bull horns - a gun rack and probably spot lights so I can see critters at night.

    Lenny: This is the mid west son. We do have lots of religious stations though.

    Alexia: If they banned idjits it would be very quiet around here.