Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stay in your room

The route
Cate leaves tomorrow for Quito.

I am not sure how she will be but I am damn sure that I am going to have an altitude sickness problem. I barely coped with Denver and the Rocky Mountains and Quito is much higher.

Apparently the best remedy is not to go. 

If you do go then you need lots of water - lots of sleep - and lots of Coca tea. You cannot get Coca tea in the USA - it is illegal - but it is OK in  Ecuador so I will be sloshing that down as soon as I get there.

Cate got a security brief from her work. They have a department that looks after travelers  and people who live in far flung places - and gives them advice about the places they should not go. I am not encouraged by this as the place is apparently swarming with bandits, kidnappers, con artists and pick pockets.

Sounds a bit like Indy. 

The safest place to stay is in your room - under your bed.

I am sure we will be able to  venture out and fight off the footpads and others. 

Anyway - Cate’s blog is here HERE

If you want to save the elephants you can go here. HERE


  1. A guy at work is from Ecuador, I will ask how soon before you are accosted. In or out of your room.

  2. fmc: I expect to be mugged by the taxi driver at the airport

  3. Good uck, Cate. (And hoping for no footpads or others.)

  4. Take care - and have fun (?). Good luck to Cate.

  5. Merricks and Alexia: Thanks so much I will pass on your best wishes.