Monday, July 27, 2015

I will leave her an iPad

Cate is here somewhere
Cate has not blogged but the site reports that she finished stage 1 in a little more than 10 hours. I imagine she was pretty much shagged out after that but is probably now on stage 2. She did send me a photo of the Andes – through which she is slogging at the moment.

I do not really expect her to blog so I am writing updates for her. I would not blog after walking for 10 hour either as I would need a drink and a nap. 

Georgia has been so good with her Gentle Leader leash that I took her walking without it. She was absolutely hopeless and dragged me along the street with me stumbling and shouting behind her. Back to the drawing board.

Georgia goes into the Good Dog Hotel and Spa on Wednesday which will give me a little time to clean the house of fur and pieces of wood before I leave for Ecuador. I accidentally let her  bring a piece of wood into the house and she dismembered it as effectively as a leaf mulcher would – and scattered it everywhere.

In the dog hotel she has the choice of a normal suite, a deluxe suite or a master suite - which as a TV. Georgia is not really into TV so we have gone for the deluxe suite and I will leave her an iPad so she can watch HBO Go and Netflix. 

There is now a TV channel called DOGTV especially for dogs but I am not sure it is suitable for Georgia so I will have to check it out before I let her watch it. You never know what they will put on TV nowadays. I would hate her to see naked dog baked bean wrestling without parental supervision


  1. I wanted to offer one trick I learned while working with Humane Society dogs. What kind of gentle leader are you using? Hopefully it's not the one that goes around the face. If it's the one where you clip the leash to the center of the chest, here's what I suggest: Make it a regular habit to walk the dog for half the walk with the leash clipped into the gentle leader. Then, keeping the gentle leader on, clip the leash onto the dog's collar. The dog will still feel as if being led by the chest and will make the same decision not to pull. It worked like a charm for me every time. After a month or two, you can spend less and less time clipped into the gentle leader, until one day, you'll clip into the collar (while the dog is still wearing the gentle leader...) only. It's a process, but it's well worth it.

  2. That was great! I am so glad you have Georgia. She will miss you, I bet.

  3. Keep the updates of Cate's progress coming.
    BTW, there's a new resident at 60 White Street. She's called Matilda. I wonder how she will feel about being named after Tim Minchin's musical? It's based on Roald Dshl's Matilda story and is on at The Star... And, no, I don't plan to go...

  4. Wendy: I am using a nose one and did not know about the chest one. I have ordered one and it will be here tomorrow so I will fallow your instructions. Thanks for your advice.

    ESB: I am sure she will. When I see her in the morning it is like she has not seen me for a month.

    Keegan88: A bit but mainly just fiercely committed.

    Annie: I vaguely recall reading Matilda but I am sure the musical will not get to Indy so there is no need for me to worry about that.