Friday, July 10, 2015

We shall see

Watching Le Tour on my iPad and blogging
Georgia very much likes to play tug of war with balls and toys. These contests mean that our hands get very close to her teeth. When she opens and closes her massive jaws to get a better grip - the grip is often on our fingers.

So I bought her a rope toy from Petco - they know me quite well there now - and she started playing with this. I bought a patriotic American one.

It took her an hour but she managed to shred it and the house is festooned with red, white and blue threads. I have investigated further at Amazon and have ordered some new ones - which users say are practically indestructible. 

We shall see.

Yesterday Georgia met Kali - who is my mate Paul’s black female Labrador. He is the one who is moving from Iowa and is building the man cave at Speedway where we will all sit around and talk about dogs. He is a vet so knows all about animals and will be a wonderful source of information about the very many things that can wrong with Labradors.

They had a wonderful time - or at least Georgia did. Kali is two years old and I think she thought Georgia was bit too girlsterous.

It has been raining off and on here for about ten days. This is good for the garden but it makes everything very soggy. There are flood warnings every day - my phone buzzes when the alerts arrive. I am not worried because if God wants us all to drown - that Australian idjit Ken Ham - who runs the Creation museum in Kentucky - is building a replica of the ark. It is only a couple of hours away from us so we are OK.

Incidentally - Ken got some state government help to build there creation museum - which tells you a lot. 

I am  looking forward to seeing it because there are dioramas of people riding dinosaurs and herding raptors. 

But I rather suspect that God is not going to drown us and is just going to let us continue to destroy our planet - because we are doing a ball tearer of a job at that at the moment.  

A few weeks ago I want round the lawn and sprinkled a whole pack of grass seed on the bare patches. That evening there was a massive downpour and most of the seed went into the White river to be eaten by the fish. I imagine the people  who live near the river are wondering about the masses of grass that have suddenly appeared along the banks. 

But a little survived. There are little spots of green in some of the bare patches. This is very pleasing and I will try again with the new seed I have bought. 


  1. Great mate to have, a vet. Now you only need befriend a gardener, a painter, a plumber and a carpenter. I had high hopes for my girls but so far only a painter. An electrician would be nice...

  2. I have been fortunate enough to have the grass automaGicaLLy cover up our bare spots with aLL the rain keeping a jungle going. But we are now s'pposed to be dry for maybe ten days. I didn't know about the Ark in the state of KentArky. Maybe it wiLL have a rebel flag.

    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time with Georgia, I think of all y'all quite often. Its almost nine oclock and Cooper is demanding his cheese.

    1. I have been studying the Tour de France and similar races.

  3. Sandy: Perhaps we can get others with dogs to join us. Qualifications will be 'usefulness'.

    esb: Georgia seems to eat anything but I have not tried her on cheese.