Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I wonder what she would be best at?

Cate has finished stage 3. She has blogged and says that the next stage is the nastiest one with the highest altitude and more climbs. As opposed to the other stages which were merely nasty.

She says she may not finish – but will start.

Today I took Georgia to the Pet Hotel and she was not happy.

They cannot give her Vegemite toast in the mornings but will give her a Kong filled with peanut butter each night. Morning toast and evening Kong are the highlights of her day.

She also has her own food and snacks that they will give her every day. I am not happy about leaving her there but have no choice.

Next time we go away – in September – she will live with a person who works at the school where they trained her – or attempted to train her. This will be much better.

So a dickhead dentist in Minnesota paid $55,000 to shoot Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. Cecil was apparently an iconic lion known to one and all – who lived in a game park.

He was lured out of the game park where he was shot and wounded with a bow and arrow – and then pursued for 40 hours until he was shot by the dickhead dentist.

The dickhead dentist has apparently killed many animals – including a bear.

He really regrets his action – particularly as he has been buried under a mountain of hate mail and death threats. He has closed his surgery and vanished. With any sort of luck he will stick his gun up his bum and blow his head off.

I say this every time – I just don’t get it! I just cannot understand the mind of a person who would kill a lion. Or – as happened a little while ago – a Giraffe. A Giraffe? FMSS!

The Trumpet has responded magnificently to Mike Huckabee’s ludicrous statement.

Donald says he would love it if Sarah Palin would serve in his cabinet. I wonder what she would be best at? Hmm……


  1. Well done Cate. I am in awe of her!
    No words can express how I feel about the dentist story. Or the policeman one in the post following this one. Un-f***ing-believable.

    Take care of yourself in Ecuador.

  2. I have been following you for years now,in fact since Vienna.
    I am wondering when are you going to publish your book ?
    I/we just love your style. Very informative & articulate !
    Good luck Cate.
    Cheers from an Aussie living in Sweden

  3. Cate is on a roll, hope she is happy whatever the outcome.

  4. Alexia: I am also in awe of her. But I don't think she will want to do it again.

    Grant: Thanks so much. Yes....the book. Well I did start one in Vienna and I have also started an autobio but Cate, cats and dogs and a very old house seem to intrude too much. But if there is a book I will let you know.

  5. fmcgmccllc: I thin k she will be very happy indeed once she recovers.