Wednesday, July 29, 2015

There is something seriously wrong here

So the National Rifle Association says that dentists can kill as many lions as they like. It is their God given right to kill lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, squirrels, gophers, sparrows, northern cardinals – in fact anything that moves.

Except black men. They are not allowed to kill black men. This has to be done by the police - and only in season – which is from January to December. 

In Cincinnati a man committed the cardinal sin of driving while black and was of course shot and killed.

I mean he had no front number plate – that is surely a death sentence for a black man. What was he thinking?.

But – here comes the weird part – the police officer has been charged with MURDER!

Suffering Succotash!

The policeman had a personal camera - which unfortunately showed him murdering the driver in – as they say – cold blood.

Bad business. Without a camera of course the man driving while black would be going for a gun and resisting arrest and quite possibly on his way to rape the policeman’s wife and daughter and bugger his dog.  

You know what these black people are like.

Look I guess that so many black people have been murdered in recent times that they just had to indict someone and this policeman is the bunny.

I suppose he will have to go to the slammer for a month or so and then be confined to his house for a month or so  - and then he can get on with it.

If I was him  - when I was murdering  black people I would cover up the camera lens with gaffer tape. Stops all the kerfuffle. 


  1. Oh no, this time the truth is out. Come on there are as many bad cops as there are bad anyone elses. Asshats come in every variety. But the closer you get to the Mason Dixon line the harder it is to contain it. Matter of fact, Indiana has never been known as a reasonable state either. Bad breeds bad, no matter the locale.

  2. You especially shouldn't be able to hunt a lion that has a name.

    Just as I think a moratorium on fracking and deep salt water injections wells in the state of Oklahoma for say a year or so, to see if the earthquakes decrease, I think a year of patrolmen without guns would be interesting. Don't they already do that in England?

  3. fmcgmccllc: In fact I think the police do an amazing job considering that they are likely to be killed doing a traffic stop or a domestic violence call.

    esb: Yes there seems to be an agreement in the UK that the villains don't use guns - except on each other. It is true astonishing.