Thursday, July 23, 2015

He could win by a whisker

Limberbutt MCubbins
Georgia and I sent Cate on her way yesterday. I arranged for her to travel business class so that she would be refreshed when she gets to Quito. She is flying United so will not expect much.  We never expect much and are rarely disappointed. 

She rang this morning to say that she had arrived and had not been mugged so far - but it is early days.

She is  having trouble with the altitude so is doing all the things she should. There is coca tea available when she needs it. And we really must remember not to bring any home or we will end up in the slammer.

Speaking of which we seem to have hit the big time here. Yesterday 500 police and FBI and ATF people swarmed all over the south side and arrested many villains - they say 35 - for drug dealing and all sorts of other offenses. We are not accustomed to this type of excitement as we usually just have hordes of people shooting each other - but in two and threes and dribs and drabs. 

Georgia and I are deciding what we should do during the next week. She is absolutely no good at gardening and is afraid of the lawn mower and weed eater. Today she ran away when I produced the rake.  She will dig holes but rarely in the right places and the garden looks like we have gophers. She is scared of the wheelbarrow but will sleep next to it when it is upside down and does not pose a threat.

Today I tackled the task of replacing the weather stripping on the front door. I discovered  why it was so out of whack - there door is warped so does not close properly and the stripping has to be arranged to accommodate this. As the door is 117 years old I am hardly surprised - and managed to sort it out. 

And in the Donald Trump saga - he is now the leading Republican contender for the nomination. Panic is rife in the conservative ranks.

He released his financials this week and the weirdest thing for me is that he gets a lot of money from people using his name - including some who make ties and shirts. My question is - why would anybody buy a ‘Trump’ tie or shirt. I would like to talk to one of these people. 

The picture is of Limberbutt McCubbins from Kentucky who is running for President. He has filed all the appropriate paperwork and certainly meets all the requirements. I think he is in with a chance and could win by a whisker. 


  1. We recently had a door weather stripping issue and we are only half as old as you.

    The Donald is currently my fave, he is making everyone crazy. I do not know anyone who wears his clothes, where is it sold?

  2. Limberbutt for President! I'd vote for him any time. Will you be voting in this election, or do you have to be a US citizen?

    I will be kept awake tonight wondering what sort of people buy Trump shirts. Bridge players, perhaps?

  3. When I looked at aLL the hundreds of names of people running for president, I thought that Limberbutt McCubbins was a cool name. That was several weeks ago. I published my findings in Facebook but I don't remember if I blogged the same information. I live n a part of the world where there should be a lot of Donald fans, but so far no one that I spoke to seems to care too much about him. They have put up Confederate Battle flags for curtains in the diner. I did notice that flag has symmetry and can be hung upside down. So 2/3 of their curtains are backwards.

  4. How could anyone vote for a man who wears some sort of mangy cat on his head? Much better to vote for just the cat... Limberbutt by a toupee!

  5. fmcgmccllc: I think it must be a very special group of people who buy his clothes but I have no idea where they are sold.

    Alexia: No we cannot vote - we are just residents - but legal ones.

    esb: It seems that pulling down the flag has prompted people to suddenly decide that they must display it. Best not to take too much notice of this.

    Sandy: Hev you seen the people that they vote for?