Monday, July 20, 2015

What could be better than that

On Saturday night we spent some time putting patches on Cate’s walking clobber. She has to have Racing the Planet patches and the Australian flag. We had just enough Racing the Planet patches until Georgia chewed one - so now Cate will be lopsided. 

On Sunday she tried packing her gear in preparation for leaving on Wednesday. She starts the race on Saturday and will finish the following Friday. I will be there to cheer her across the finish line. I will be the one in the deck chair - wearing a Panama hat - and sipping some Ecuadorean rum. (You will be amazed to learn that the Panama hat is of Ecuadorian origin).

There were many shrieks of anguish from the guest bedroom where she was doing the packing. She either has too much gear or the pack is too small. But it is the size they told her to get and she is taking the clothes and the food they recommend. My  advice is to roll the clothes tighter and to squish more. 

Cate will be writing a blog and I will put the address in my blog soon. I cannot imagine what she will write after walking from dawn to dusk each day because all she will want to do is sleep.

I have seen the stuff she plans on eating - she has to carry all this with her - and will think of her when I am eating my lamb chops and pulled pork at home. To her credit she has actually tested some of the food by eating it. She is a very brave woman. 

I can  barely keep up with what is happening in the world.

Donald Trump managed to grossly insult John McCain by saying he was not a war hero because he was captured by the Vietnamese. Donald says the people who are not captured are the heroes.This has caused a great furore and people from the right and the left are falling all over themselves to tell Donald what an asshat he is.

It is fascinating to watch this great galumphing galoot crashing thru the country shouting complete rubbish - insulting all and sundry and being feted by hordes of sad bastards who would actually - and I am not kidding - like to see him as president. 

And Scott Walker has said the next President must be ready to take military action against Iran on the first day in office. Jeb Bush says he agrees on military action but  he cannot do it on day one because he has to do things like adjust the height of the chair in the oval office and sharpen his pencils. 

Go to war with Iran? Well I guess Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan went so well - why stop when you are on a roll. Dick Cheney thinks it is a good idea and he should know.

And Australia slaughtered, massacred, thumped and walloped England in the second cricket test. What could be better than that. 


  1. I could probably embroidery a patch for you, but I am not sure I could get it delivered to Indiana in time. I just recently did our first batch of patches for some cheerleader outfits that were unable to be hooped for direct embroidery work.

    I was wondering how much longer Trump would keep going in the process before he said something dumber than the "Rapist" comment. I am hoping that Donald keeps going so that he continues to destroy his business empire. I am hoping he will someday soon be worth less than a billion dollars. I am just hoping no one assassinates him. The thought of Trump being a martyr is unbearable.

    1. What are the missing letters of the patch?

    2. I found it - lucky guess!!! - Racing the planet

    3. Oh, silly me, I see it in your first paragraph now.

  2. I think Donald is here for a while. He will get what he can out of it before he drops out.

  3. We had an interesting day in regards to the little stray dog we have been trying to help. The owner of the dog just happened to be sitting in my wife's chair at work getting her hair colored when my wife started telling her about her stray dog project. Then the lady told her that she lived just east and south of us, and showed my wife a picture of the dog. Here is where it got funny: the dog's name is Georgia!!!! I told my wife I couldn't wait to tell Phillip about this, as his dog's name is Georgia.

  4. Why can't Donald just wear his asshat to cover the mange?