Monday, June 1, 2009

We have a cat delivery date

Photos of Jewish Quarter in Krakow.
The 'chair' sculpture is the site of one part of the Krakow Ghetto which extended a few blocks to the left.
The factory was Oskar Schindler's. (Well - it no doubt previously belonged to a Jewish businessman who was murdered in Auschwitz).

It’s a public holiday here today so I am not going to do much.

We saw Moni and the babies on Saturday and have negotiated to get the black one. Rozalin is instead taking the one we had allocated to us. Rozalin has taken some photos and these will be provided in due course.

I know this is not very exciting for you non-cat people but it’s going to get worse so I suggest you either stop reading the Blog or keep a bucket next to you.

We have negotiated a release date of 13 June. The Cat Owner is delivering Moni and the kitten and will inspect our house at the same time. We will have to be up really early to wash and polish Muffin and get the house shipshape.

I have put the Cat Net on the Terrace and – as you can imagine – it looks fantastic.

Cate is of course overjoyed and has been mumbling about ‘what’s the point of having a view like this if you have to peer at it through a poxy cat net’.

To which my response is ‘if you want to buy Austrian Jumping Cats this is what you have to put up with’.

Although I must admit it does look awful. According to the instructions – birds will not be able to see the net so we should attach strips of cloth or silver paper to it so that they don’t fly into it.

Cate received this news with a low degree of enthusiasm so I am going to think of a workaround.

However - the way I have put the net up you can probably see it from space - so I really don’t think the birds are going to have a problem.


  1. You'll hate me for telling you this... last Saturday I brought a Seal Point kitten home from Ville's (free). I could have brought home three, if I wanted. Funny how things can be so complicated in some places, and way too easy in others! The difficulty for me was that Lynette made me give it back. :(

  2. The cow! I thought she loved you!

  3. She does. Just not two cats... until we move.

  4. I thought only one of the kittens was a girl? Have you relented? Are you allowing a second male into your domain? I'm confused.

    Oliver, the neighbouring dog, has settled in or is going to doggy day care. Haven't heard him bark for days.

    Can't say the same for cats. We have a large hole in the middle of the middle of three rows of parsnips (well, we hope they will become parsnips as we have sown 300 parsnip seeds!), missed the hole and, probably lucky for us, didn't fill it in :( and another :( from Jim who wants to make parsnip wine... and hates cats, except for Burmese.

    Fantastic news about the C&KAP. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of them trying to escape, climbing up the inside of the netting!

  5. Well it turned out that all kittens were girls, and luckily Cate and Phillip went for the black so I could whine to my hubby about the grey and white so we get it :o)) Can't wait to see Mogli and Balu chase around the place!

    Phillip, sorry, I wanted to send you the pictures today, but realized that I had brought the camera but left the cable to upload them at home ... will follow tomorrow!