Monday, June 8, 2009

Cate's mouse changes colour

Cate is gallivanting around in Jakarta today (for a day) and then goes to Bangkok. It doesn’t seem worth it to me but what would I know.

She will be back on Friday – just after the new cats arrive.

Naturally I have been preparing for the event and have so far washed all the curtains and steam cleaned the carpets. I have washed all the crockery and glasses but ran out of Silvo before I finished the knives and forks so will knock this over tomorrow.

I went to Dehner today and laid in enormous supplies of food and litter. These are mainly for Gretchen who will look after the chaps while we are away. This is only three weeks away so massive preparations are taking place.

Last week I cycled on Thursday and made a young lady immensely angry. I was watching something (probably a Bee) and strayed into her path and she howled like a Banshee (well…I haven’t heard a Banshee howl but I can imagine). And it wasn’t one howl – she howled off into the distance and caused quite a stir.

I have of course done this with motorists but have never achieved it before with cyclists. I may try it again because it was sensational entertainment.

I can’t imagine what her problem was – apart from being obviously unhappy. Perhaps she is a shop assistant in Spar – or a Republican.

My two hour cycle today was very wearing as once again it is windy. I hope this doesn’t go on all Spring and Summer! Anyway – it is making my legs tough but those Ash trees are still shedding and I am having enormous problems with Heuschnupfen.

I think Miss Snow Mountain is back this week and we will have a couple of final lessons before she goes off to live in Brazil with Caruso. I am not looking forward to getting a new German teacher because I just know she will be disappointed with me.

‘How long have you lived here?’ she will ask. ‘Hmmmm……you haven’t worked very hard on your German have you?’

To which the answer is of course NO. In fact in real terms I have done bugger all – probably averaging only a couple of hours each week.

But I speak enough to get by and can achieve most things. I do not want to be fluent in German because after we leave Wien I am never likely to use it again except for watching Adolf Hilter’s speeches and these have limited appeal.

But I am happy to keep plodding along and will gradually improve.

There are too many things to do here to spend too much time on German – and of course on Thursday the new cats arrive.

I bought a new mini-mouse for my new notebook PC. It’s one of those with a retractable cord so you keep it tidy when you are not using it. Cate saw it on my desk yesterday just before she left - and stole it.

She just rang me from Jakarta to say that it changes colour when she uses it.

What can I say.

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