Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I have a wonky right ear that occasionally needs attention

Kitten day tomorrow and I am just about ready.

I just have to clean out the fridge and make some Peach jam and I am done. Muffin loves Peach jam so I hope the new cats do as well – as I am not sure I will ever get them to eat Vegemite.

I hope the new cats also like Scrambled Eggs, Spaghetti Bolognaise and Parmigiano-Reggiano because these are some of Muffin’s favourites.

Merlin likes Roquefort but I can’t get Muffin interested in this – although she likes some of the milder blue cheeses. I think she is a bit concerned about Cheese Spiders (as I have been since Melissa told me about them).

Rozalin suggested that the cats may be a bit edgy when they get here and that I should get some Bach Remedy. I thought I had some but Cate must have used it all in her Gruner Veltliner while watching Desperate Housewives.

In Australia you would pop into a health food store for this but here I had to go to the Apotheke and order it. It cost a staggering €13 for 20 ml which makes it as about as expensive as OPIUM by YSL – but if it stops the little blighters from fretting it will be worth it.

Muffin certainly needs something as she has been doing her Vasco da Gama act and circumnavigating the bed and house for hours every night.

Speaking of weird looking people and clothes. I happened by Karl Lagerfeld last night on German TV and that man must dress in the dark – WITH his sunglasses on. He never has his tie done up and his hair is a fright. All that leather gives me the creeps too. He looks like an ageing Bikie - but in keeping with my policy of never ever slanging off at people no matter how weirdly they look or dress - I will say nothing.

By the way – I notice that for some time of have been starting some nouns with a Capital letter. Has anyone noticed this? Perhaps I am inadvertently absorbing some German grammar.

I went to see a Dermatologist yesterday for a check up. As a person who spent his youth in the sun – not understanding the dangers – I am now well aware of ghastly things that can happen so have regular checks. I have a wonky right ear that occasionally needs attention so always get this looked at.

I used to go to see Dr Ming in Sydney. He was wonderful and I had great confidence in him. He is a teaching Professor at Sydney University which helps you understand just how much he knows about skin.

He was going to come to Wien this year for a conference so I was going to invite him to dinner at Ein Weiner Salon during which I could strip to my underwear and he could examine me. I would of course pay for dinner and explain to the police what had happened.

But he had to postpone this trip (and no I had not told him what I had planned) so I needed to look locally.

In Sydney Dr Ming would not wear pink shirts because he thought that people would look at him. I told him he would look sensational – if only because he would certainly be the only four foot six inches tall Professor of Chinese extraction at Sydney Uni wearing a Pink shirt – but he would not be persuaded.

Last time I saw Dr Ming I met his wife – who is a real Hottie and at least 18 inches taller than the good Dr. I told her about the Pink shirts and she sighed and said yes she had actually bought him Pink shirts but he would not wear them.

Naturally the dermatologist here doesn’t make appointments so you get there and sit in a vast waiting room and every now and then a door open and someone shouts something and the next person gets up and goes in. They don’t shout your name – you have to remember what order you are in the queue – this is to keep you on your toes.

I was a bit tense because the receptionist gave me some last minute instructions before I went into the waiting room and I couldn’t understand her. She repeated it a few times but I couldn’t get hold of it so did what I always do and said Ich verstehe before going and sitting down.

Then I worried for ages about whether there was something essential I did not know which meant that I would not be allowed entry.

Anyway I did get in eventually and the Dermatologist greeted me warmly in French and we had a bit of a conversation in French until I explained that I was Australian.

It turns out that she has oodles of relatives in Sydney (some of who are staying with her now) so we had a long conversation about things before we turned to matters of skin. She of course knows Dr Ming and we discussed him at length (but I did not mention the Pink shirts).

She appears to be very competent and she examined me closely from head to toe. My ear is under control and will hang on until my next visit.


  1. The people behind you in the queue must have loved the extra wait!

    Growing up in the country, I was encouraged by my mother to always wear a wide-brimmed hat and a long-sleeved shirt, which I did. When out riding I wouldn't dream of wearing shorts so was always well covered, pale and, perhaps, 'interesting'!

    Never mind the cats, I hope you have adequate supplies of GV to help you cope. BTW, did you get the article I sent about the grapes being grown here in OZ?

    Am concerned for Muffin, following the introduction of Germans to your household. I hope this doesn't mean an end to you two sharing late-night parties!

    I understand your need to practice the local language but make sure you educate Moni and Sissy in OzSpeak so that they learn your culture.

  2. They are Austrians - they are trained to wait.

    Got the article thanks - looking forward to trying some OGV.

    Sissi is very small so hasn't learned to speak yet. She will be bilingual.

    Her mother is young and will pick up the Oz language quite easily. We do not expect Muffin to learn any German as she is too old for that.

    Perhaps - Entschuldigung and whatever the German is for Bugger Off!