Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pictures only

Moni and the babies (Sissi is the black one and Rozalin’s Balu is the grey and white one).

The ducks on the terrace.

The new plants (untrimmed)

Muffin circumnavigates the Cat Charm

Wien through the cat net.

Wien at sunset through the cat net.

Harvey in situ.


  1. 1) i think the net looks all right!
    2) nice plants
    3) god these kittens are truely adorable!!
    4) the cat charm.. well, you could have done better ;o)

  2. whoa, somebody call the fun police. that cat charm just looks like too much fun....zzzzzzzz
    Sissi is the cutest thing i have ever seen. ever.

  3. What beautiful pictures. Loved the photos of the kitties. So very cute :)

  4. @ lenny: no wonder muffin ignores it.. i would too.....

    @ badger: didn't you see the scratching pole sissi currently has, she will be so dissapointed :o(

    which reminds me - must buy more toys for the little one this weekend!!

  5. I have seen Sissi's pole and I have seen Mogli's and we are NOT having either one of those.