Monday, June 22, 2009

I am so not going to worry about my soles

I was getting my runners out of the washing machine last night and noticed that they have plastic see-through panels on the soles.

I mean underneath the soles - on the parts that you walk on.

This is a strange phenomenon that I have seen on other runners - which are now much more elaborate than they used to be and come in all the colours of the rainbow. Some have see-through panels on the sides.

Perhaps this is so you can see the soles in action when you are walking – except that the shoes will be on your feet so you would need CCTV.

There may be an iPhone application that beams sole pictures to your phone while you are walking to see what they are doing. I suspect not much.

Anyway – I have had a really good look while I am not walking and can’t see that what is in there is all that exciting and I am not sure why anyone would want to know what is inside the sole of their shoe.

The day I have to start worrying about what my soles are doing will be a sad one indeed.

But I am not in marketing so don’t understand this and many other things such as why small (clearly not real) talking furry animals) are used to sell everything including car insurance or why you would use aged Hottie Cindy Crawford to promote Spar.

I also regret to report that Austrians are just as obsessed with toilet cleaners as everyone else and use actors to portray housewives whose raison d'ĂȘtre seems to be to have a sparkling toilet and who seem so damn pleased when this happens.

There is some talk here at the moment about removing sexism from advertising. I wish them luck because it has never happened anywhere else and unless and until women stop buying the crap that is marketed by these morons nothing will change.

The Austrian Times reports that:

Sixty-three per cent of Austrians are satisfied with implementation of the new anti-smoking law that has been on the books for almost half a year.Thirty-three per cent want a total ban on smoking in bars and restaurants, 15 per cent are dissatisfied with the present situation in regard to smoking, and 16 per cent have no opinion, according to a recent poll by market-research firm "market."

The numbers quoted make no sense at all (well it is the Austrian Times) but it does seem to demonstrate how smoking has inculcated itself into the Austrian way of life.

Austria has the highest incidence of smoking amongst young people in the EU. This is hardly surprising given that there are cigarette machines on street corners.

For this alone the authorities here deserve to be dragged out and hanged from lamp posts.
(Rant ends)

Cate is in Korea in palatial surroundings but of course has no interest because all she wants is to be home with me and the cats. She is particularly missing some of Moni’s more endearing habits. For example - she has a lounge room in her hotel suite but no one defecates in it.

She has just been promoted to Senator by Austrian Airlines which means that she gets lots of nice things including check in at the First Class counter.

The only part I am interested in is that when we travel together we can get into the Airline Lounges.

Previously only she was eligible so she used to sit with me outside the lounge in Gloria Jeans (or somewhere just as execrable) absolutely aching to go into the lounge but not quite able to bring herself to do it.

The cats are getting along fine because they don’t see each other.

Muffin is in our bedroom where she now lives and Moni and Sissi live in the lounge room.
If we were not going away I would start the process of moving Moni and Sissi into the spare room and letting Muffin roam around. But we leave on Friday so I will not have time to implement this integration program.

I will leave instructions for the cat minders and will be interested to learn what happens while we are away. I suspect that it will not be good.


  1. P, can you perhaps NOT give Gretchen... or anyone else my contact details.....

  2. damn, does this mean i have to change my mobile phone provider AGAIN, AND look for a new job.... what a bummer..... and I just had such a good feedback with Cate.... *sigh*