Wednesday, June 17, 2009

‘After all Muffin’ I said ‘We did this for you’.

Progress continues to be made.

Muffin is so exhausted from hissing and spitting at the new cats that she is running out of puff.

Both Monica and Sissi are entirely unconcerned by Muffin’s behaviour and regard her in much the same way as I used to regard Alexander Downer.

(The sort of vague distaste that you have for someone else’s spoiled, dim child who is throwing a tantrum in the aisle of a supermarket).

At the moment of writing Sissi is asleep on our bed oblivious to the disgust of Muffin who is only about 4 feet away on the ledge behind the bed – being petulant.

I have told Muffin that the new cats have passed the initial tests and are staying and that she had better start to pull herself together.

‘After all Muffin’ I said ‘We did this for you’.

She looked at me the same way I used to look at Alexander Downer.

Despite the many distractions here at the moment I have been attempting to finalise the plans for our trip home – which commences on Friday 24 June.

Cate has decided that she does not want to have any part of this (so cannot share the blame) and has decided that she needs to be in Korea all of next week. She will get home on Thursday evening and we leave for the USA on Friday.

We have some Woods relatives who arrive on 24 June and leave on 1 July (Unless they crack under the pressure earlier).

Gretchen takes over the cat minding duties from then until we get back to Wien.

She is coming today to have the first training lesson on the apartment. Things like how to stop the water heating from exploding, how to cut owls out of the cat net and how to start the bobcat we use to move the kitty litter around.

Anyway – the plan is broadly as follows:

24 June to Washington DC
30 June Washington to Peoria
3 July Peoria to Sydney
9 July Blue Mountains mit Kinder
12 July Singleton with Hendos
14 July Maleny with Woods and Cate’s Mutter
19 July to Wien

This is a very rushed trip as Cate has to sandwich it between trips to her far flung empire. We may in fact have to go to Asia on the way home as she might have to pop in an behead some under-performers.

I got a message from the car dealer to say that our roof and bike racks had arrived so I toddled off to get these. They came in a nice box which I have not opened because I know exactly what is going to be in there.

There will be lots of aluminium thingies with sprockets, locks and woggles together with some incomprehensible instructions in German.

I will leave this particular pleasure for when we get back.

I am please to report that Possum, who had a major operation on the weekend, is back home and on the mend. I spoke to her today and she is clearly under the influence of some pain inhibiting substances and sounded like Wilson Tuckey.

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