Friday, June 19, 2009

Supplementary Blog

Cate says my Blogs this week have been dreadful.

Annie has accused me of Duck neglect and not providing news on news day.

I admit guilt to these charges. It hasn’t been a good week but if you had three cats – one of whom defecates five times each day and never in the same place twice – you would also be a bit absent minded about Blogging.

Things are going downhill rapidly in the Muffin-Moni relationship. Moni now attacks Muffin on sight and Muffin has responded by descending into a complete funk and now only leaves her spot on the ledge behind the bed to defecate on Cate’s pyjamas or in her shoes.

This is entirely appropriate behaviour by Muffin considering the circumstances and I might start doing it as well because it is not much fun here at the moment.

I have 300 litres of cat litter (No I am not joking) and 5 packets of paper towels. This should get the Woods through the first week and Gretchen can stock up when she arrives.

As I have said on many occasions – it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The only one without any problems at all is Sissi who romps around playing and biting anything at all. She has a very uncomplicated view of the world and reminds me very much of George W Bush (Remember him?).

I am not neglecting the Ducks and visit them often - I just haven't talked about them much.


  1. I've told my friend, the "Cat Whisperer", about your problems with the cats. I swear she's a cat psychic. She's also our veterinarian and speaks every language and dialect in the feline world.

    I'll report back what she says.

  2. I would be happy to fly her to Vienna and put her up in our guest quarters. On the other hand - maybe I should just club all our cats to death and enjoy absolute peaceful cat less bliss - but this would probably attract bad Karma.

  3. I've been reading your blog (shudder, dislike that word) for the past few months. I've enjoyed reading about your adventures. Regarding the cats; best thing to do when introducing new cat/s is to sequester the new arrivals for a few days. I know it's a little late, but perhaps Moni should "vacation" in her own space while Muffin gets a grip, then in a few days, try introducing Moni again. Viel Gluck!

  4. And I thought that Moni had found the kittylitter. Seems that there's a lot of territory being marked, to secure control.

    We're doing battle with a cat (origin unknown) that:

    1. sprays our front door despite repeated applications of your cat repellent, in fact I think it likes it :(

    2. uses our parsnip patch as its toilet for serious business and either digs up half a row or dumps without bothering to dig :(

    For the former I've returned to using dettol, a tip Jim found on the internet. For the latter, I've yet to make a visit to a shop selling many packs of satay sticks which, I understand from a gardening friend, should prevent any invasion of the parsnip patch.

    Why are we growing parsnips? To make parsnip wine, an essential ingredient in Jim's partini. Unfortunately, we are out of stock at the moment so you won't be able to sample a partini on your forthcoming visit. But definitely something to look forward to :)

  5. I agree with Liz Niblock Hofstetter...but I'm no expert.

    I hope everything else is going fine.

  6. I agree with Liz, would it be possible to keep Moni (and Sissi) in the back bedroom and only let them out occasionally to interact with Muffin? I know it is a pain, but I think it would be very sad for Moni and Sissi to loose such a good and loving home and head of to who knows where...

  7. Yes - I am working on the separation/integration strategy I am sure this will work.(Well I'm not really but have to give it a go)

    Satay sticks? How do you know the cat is not Indian - it may love Satay sticks?

    Partini? Was ist das?