Thursday, June 11, 2009

Steady Muffin - It's not Dick and Donald

Moni and Sissi arrived at about 10:30 and this signalled the start of a gold plated hissy fit by Muffin.

She has been howling, hissing and snarling all day and has spent a lot of time under the bed in the guest room.

You’d think I’d brought Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld home for lunch.

Moni wants to be friends but Muffin is just not interested.

Moni is the hungriest cat I have ever seen and has so far eaten four packets of cat food, five cat sticks and some crunchies. Biggi says she was very stressed with 5 kittens and was not eating (and she is also very thin).

I think the eating is a sign that she is becoming unstressed and she certainly doesn’t seem to be worried by too much – not even Muffin’s tantrums.

I guess if you go from five kittens to one then life looks pretty good.

Sissi is not bothered by too much and spends a lot of time climbing over everything. She really likes the kitty litter and is scattering it all over the apartment.

Of course neither of them is interested in the Cat Charm.

I can’t say too much today because I need to concentrate on cat minding.

It is also another public holiday here and the union doesn’t like me to Blog on public holidays.


  1. They're finally there! What an ordeal for you.

    Our cat is not only pre-diabetic, she also has a eating disorder, which, if we give into it will make her diabetic. I refuse to give daily injections to a cat when I can't even get that kind of health care.

    Enjoy the new kittens -- they're awfully cute!

  2. Very impressed with the new additions to the family, though Felise thinks that their names are funny!
    Muffin will adjust eventually - you'll probably just have to endure a few tantrums. As long as she doesn't lie kicking and screaming in the aisle at Spar you'll be okay.

  3. I love Sissi's 'caught in the headlights' eyes.

    If Muffin is too old to learn German, she definitely needs protecting from this invasion of young blood.

    When does Cate get back?

    Who needs to blog when you've two young ladies to entertain?

  4. Congrats on a successful conclusion to your KAP! They are adorable! Hope Muffin settles down soon and doesn't get to stressed out about the newcomers.

    Good luck on the integration process!