Thursday, June 18, 2009

I will try to do better next week (maybe)

I am sure I have promised you a few things that I have not delivered.

I know that one of these is moving pictures of Ducks but the Sony Handycam has proved to be a technological challenge – not in the taking of the movies – but in the getting of them into the PC and flangling them into something comprehensible.

I have something called Adobe Premier Elements which is supposedly pretty good – but requires some technological skills which I do not currently possess.

I have now resorted to reading the instruction book so hope to deliver something when we get back from Australia – although it I more likely to be Cats than Ducks.

If there are other things I have missed please leave comments (Annie is very good at this and often makes penetrating observations which highlight my frequently bizarre behaviour).

I would also like to take a lot more photos of Wien – some of the more obscure parts – but my days are just so full that I am having trouble keeping up.

Anyway – the training session with Gretchen went well and she is ready to roll on 1 July.

There was a significant problem this morning when Sissi decided that she would like to eat out of Muffin’s food bowl – while Muffin was actually already eating out of it.

This caused a major problem which culminated in Muffin doing something – as punishment for us - so unspeakable it cannot be Blogged.

Hmmm....getting new cats seemed like a good idea at the time.

I have much to do so can’t sit around chatting all day.

However – as this week has not been too good in the Blogging department (mainly because of the new arrivals) I will try to do better next week. Or not – as the case may be.

Merlin gets a picture today so that he doesn’t get jealous.


  1. I see I have a reputation to live up to! But I'll be gentle:)

    What happened to Thursday news day? :(
    On the other hand, the events in your apartment make other news pale into insignificance.

    Jim has no interest in cat stories, but I tell him just the same. He did, however, get a clear picture of the Alexander Downer look.

    I'm not bothered by not seeing video of the ducks and ducklings but it is nice to get news of them from time to time. They began to be ignored when you took up bicycling and now, with the feline antics, they had, until now, virtually disappeared.

    Will you be staying with many cats while on tour? If not, or if they are more settled moggies, perhaps you will find more balance in your life when you return home in July?

    Advice: Don't make rash promises! Next week will flash past, with days spent fine tuning your trip, doing all the last minute things and, no doubt, dealing with plenty of unexpected events!

    CU soon! :)

  2. you need a mac! movie software so ridiculously easy that even fossils can use it without needing a manual. premiere is pretty easy to use though once you get the basics down. otherwise this is a really simple video conversion program if you just want to import and convert without editing

  3. There was no news apart from a builder putting a drill bit 10 centimeters up his nose but he is still alive so it was not eligible for a Darwin Award.

    We are as far as I can tell seeing no cats on tour and this will be a relief. If they haven't settled down when we get back they are all going to be executed (Well - maybe not Sissi).

    Yes Lenny I do need a Mac and if I didn't already have 3 windows PCs and the software for them I would change.

    But my next PC will be a Mac.