Sunday, September 27, 2015

I am still around

We just got back from New York and tomorrow are leaving for South Haven and Chicago.

We visited the 911 memorial. This coincided with the Pope’s visit so there were a million people waiting to get into the museum. Great timing. We did not join the line.

New York went totally berserk over the Pope and mass hysteria broke out all over the place. A woman rushed from the crowd and grabbed the Pope’s hand. She will cut her hand off and sell it on eBay.

The wedding was great success and cost a bit more than John’s new jaguar. But he only has one daughter – for which he is extremely thankful.

Well I got all the things that Cate needed for our dinner party.  

Well that’s not true – I got the things I thought she needed but I got the wrong type of mozzarella and the wrong type of ricotta. I needed to get delicatessen cheese – not cold food section cheese.

I also could not get chanterelle mushrooms so got some other ones - which were not acceptable for the purpose - and have been put into the mulch bin.

Given that she did not have the appropriate things Cate nevertheless made some things which purported to be ricotta and cheese cakes but which when completed looked not much like anything edible at all and could have been survivors from Pompeii.  

So these were not served and reside in a plastic container in the fridge. I cannot throw them away because Cate says she will eat them for lunch. Eventually they will turn green and can go out.

My quiche was dry. This is because I cooked it on Friday evening and warmed it up on Saturday. Even so it was delicious

My chicken was dry because I cooked it with the lid on the dish in the oven had to brown it under the griller.

The steaks were no good and were badly cooked.

Fortunately the wine was wet and cold and alcoholic so everyone  was not too worried about the food.


  1. Sounds like alcohol saved the day !
    Enjoy Chicago - try to get to Ed Debevics - it's an experience you won't forget. And to The Bean and Navy Pier. Just have fun - it's such a beautiful city, I'm sure you will !!

  2. "But he only has one daughter – for which he is extremely thankful." - that sounds like something Yogi Berra would say. We need to fill in for him now that he is gone but certainly not forgotten.

  3. I am learning to cook again since I retired, I made coffee this morning so that was my start.