Friday, September 11, 2015

There is something seriously wrong here

As my favorite (dead) comedian – George Carlin - used to say ‘There is something seriously wrong here’.

Now I appreciate that Mike Huckabee is a dickwit and is desperate for some coverage in his pointless and doomed quest to be president but when he says something like ‘We only need to obey the laws that are right’ he is on a very slippery slope indeed.

See – I thought that the laws that the Supreme Court made were the laws that had to be obeyed. Now I don’t agree with many of the laws that they have made – and even though I am not a US citizen they apply to me – but I kind of figured that once they passed a law then that was sort of it.

Now Mike – and some other pea-brained nincompoops – suggest that if they don’t think the law is right then they do not have to obey it. Of course this applies to the perceived rules that they believe their particular invisible man in the sky made.

For me there is no invisible man in the sky. I look at the this very imperfect world and see nature – which incidentally is being totally fucked over by us.

But that is just me. I am totally content with people believing whatever they want to believe as long as they do not bother me. But it would be nice if they felt the same way. 

I was watching Rachel Maddow this week. She is my favorite political commentator. She says she has had her show for 7 years and this is the most fun she has ever had. I know what she means. It’s brilliant!

But I am also very pleased that the lawn has stopped growing very much at all. I am maybe three mows away from the leaves falling off our mulberry tree.

PWC has finally finished Cate’s US tax return. It runs to 116 pages. 

I thought perhaps I might do it next year but have given up this idea. Apparently having assets in Australia and the USA – and stuff that is still lurking around from Austria – complicates things immensely.


  1. Spare us from pea-brained nincompoops... Specially from their poop!

  2. But there are many Australian laws which I feel obliged to break. However, they are such bad laws that even when you tell the police you have broken them they refuse to prosecute you. There is the law that says it is an offence to tell people how to vote informally (passed to prosecute one person), the law to get Philip Nitschke, which two nice old ladies broke, but despite telling the police they had they just couldn't get prosecuted...

    However, If you wish to be selective about the laws you obey then you have to be prepared to suffer the legal consequences..

  3. Taxes are nasty bits and must be perfect.

  4. Yes, that is one regret in life that I have, to have not discovered Rachel Maddow sooner. I have only been watching her for a couple months. At least there is YouTube to find some of her older things. I heard a complaint last week that she rambles a bit and takes to long to get a point across, then I thought, hmm, maybe that is her charm. She is one of the few famous people I would like to know in real life, have a meal, chat.

    I did get to visit briefly with my friend in prison yesterday so I am doing much better now. They did have a silly rule about visits. Even though the visitation time was 9:30 to 11:30 AM on Saturdays, and I drove 80 miles one way to see her, because it was not a 'scheduled' visit, I was only allowed to see her for twenty minutes. I had wanted to surprise her. If I would have 'scheduled' a visit I could have spent an hour together. Bizarre. It would have been nice if they would have explained that rule when the owner of the diner (her boss) called them about visitation.

  5. Anon: Sorry I don't allow Amon comments on my blog. I made one exception.

    Sandy: You cannot escape - they are everywhere.

    Merricks: I agree with you. But is America and one must make allowances for the loonies.

    mcgmccllc: Yes which is why I cannot be trusted with them.

    esb: She does ramble a bit but I do love her so. I am glad you got to see your friend albeit briefly.

  6. What's the matter with Tony? ;-)