Thursday, September 17, 2015

Weird stuff indeed

You mean like how old the world is?
I have been so excited about what is happening that I forgot to blog.

I have settled down after the execution of Tony Abbott. All that is left is a warm glow – which I am sure will be with me for some time.

I have taken delivery of my new car. It is not in fact a very exciting car but is a common or garden variety Subaru SUV type thingy. But it is all wheel drive so that I will no longer get stuck in snow in the back lane – or slide all over the roads when we have icy weather. 

It also has something called EyeSight which is intended to prevent me from crashing into other cars – and tells me when I am wandering out of my lane. This will be particularly useful when Georgia decides to bite my ears while we are driving.

And if I try to crash into something the car brakes all on its own. How clever is that.

They still do not make a model with bullet proof glass so I will continue to be exceedingly careful and courteous – and even smile when people cut me off.

I have acquired a back set cover to attempt to protect the seats from Georgia’s large white teeth. They did not have one made out of kryptonite so I had to settle for canvas and I am assured it is almost indestructible. Almost is not quite good enough - but we shall see.

Cate has sort of accepted the destruction of her garden. It is called learned resignation. She still sighs and whimpers when she sees it - but will get over this with time.

I really enjoyed the debate last night. It is unimaginable to think of Donald Trump as president but he seems to have excited a lot of voters. Which means that they believe what he says he will do. Could that be true? Are people that dumb? (Yes).

But he would be better than Ben Carson who thinks the world is 6,000 years old, climate change is a hoax and straight men turn gay in prison.

Weird stuff indeed from a retired neurosurgeon!


  1. Is it a Forester? Everyone in Oregon owns one. I do not believe there is one in the entire state of Michigan. We rented one on vacation and it seemed okay. Color was a bit whimpy but, what the hay, it was vacation.

  2. So I'm thinking you basically bought a new (bigger) car so Georgia would be more comfortable in it. Would I be correct?

  3. fmc: It is indeed a Forester - and very nice it is too.

  4. 6000 years! That is crazy. Everyone knows its much much older, much closer to 6,429 than only 6000. (I wonder if that is my favorite math joke)

    My son was perplexed as to why I fixed up and kept my old car, the '98 Continental. It was because I needed a car that my older dog could comfortably get in and out of. The F-350 & Mercury Mountaineer were just too difficult.

  5. esb: well 6429 is much closer to the real figure than 6000. Georgia does have some trouble with the new car just because she has a knee problem.