Thursday, September 3, 2015

I suspect a trap

So the pond rocks lasted not very long at all and are now scattered from here to Missouri. She ferreted  through them and dug an enormous hole which exposed the tree roots – which she then ate.

So the current score is Georgia 2 Badger 0

When Cate left yesterday she said ‘WE have to do something about this today’.

Meaning YOU have to do something about this today.

I had two mugs of my Fresh Market Cafe Noir while I pondered the problem and decided that much more extreme measures were required.

Beheading the dog has some merit but would not be popular so I went to Lowes to buy some poultry wire (chook wire in Australian). I cut a piece about 4 feet by 4 feet and then cut a hole for the tree trunk – and of course had to cut the entire thing down the middle so that it fitted around the tree.

I laid this out and surrounded it with plastic edging. I then filled the whole thing with about a ton of pond rocks and surrounded it with plastic edging. She has so far looked at this with some interest but has not attempted to dismantle it.

She may now move on to greener pastures and I will soon have to do the same thing to each and every tree and shrub in the garden.

Yesterday I went to my second session with my personal trainer – Erica. She lives in the same block which is just as well because I am not capable of walking very far after we have finished the session – and am completely useless the day after.

This is part of my plan to get fit and lose weight. I have a medicine ball and 10lb dumbbells which I play with every day.

She has a very small dog who licks my face when I am doing exercises on the floor. This is no problem because at home I have a very large dog who licks me and it is like being rubbed with a very wet sneaker.

It is outrageously hot here and I really hope this is the last of it. I am completely over summer and want fall and winter to envelope us so that I can sit in front of the fire with my menagerie.

Something weird is happening here as road crews have been out putting new asphalt on some of the worst parts of the cratered goat tracks that we call streets. This type of stuff rarely happens here and requires much more investigation.

I suspect a trap.


  1. Ah, Georgia. What a dog!
    Good luck with the chook wire - or maybe she will dream up some new torment...

  2. Love the thought of you visiting the lady next door to exercise.

  3. Alexia: It seems to work - and she has not found anything else awful to do - yet.

    Merisi: Yes you would think I could just do it at home!