Wednesday, October 7, 2015

There is just so much you can do

I have been terribly slack and have not blogged for ages. There is just so much you can do when you are eating and drinking non stop.

We went to South Haven and stayed in a little cottage and did all the touristy things such as visiting Saugatuck and Holland. It was the end of the season so there were very few people – which is our favorite state of any place we visit.

We had an execrable meal of burnt offerings in a nondescript restaurant which came highly recommended. I bought a tea towel.

We drove to Chicago through Gary which was once a thriving little city but is now – from what we saw - a festering dump. It is probably like a mini Detroit which was annihilated when the car industry moved on. It is a sad looking place and we did not spend any time there.

Chicago is one of our favorite cities and we had a fine time looking at the architecture and just cruising around. We stayed in the Virgin hotel which was just fabulous and will become one of our favorite hotels.

Guests get free drinks during happy hour every evening and this is just not helpful when you have a night in front of you.  

John and Christine love Indiana.

I cooked some good meals and we had fine wine and very good local cheese.

John and Christine went to the outlet market at Edinburgh and John escaped and – while unsupervised – bought a new briefcase.

He was very proud of the fact that he beat the seller down from $300 to $80. He discovered next day that it was made out of plastic – not leather as he was led to believe.

We are trying to convince John that he needs a new computer. He has an 8 year old Toshiba laptop that weighs about 10 pounds and is absolutely clapped out. He also has a camera that belongs in the Smithsonian.

This is a man who recently bought a new Jaguar.

I may have convinced to buy a Mac. His eyes opened in wonder when I showed him the things my desktop and notebook Macs could do.

John likes a challenge so I got him to mow the lawn. I do think he will offer to do this again.

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  1. Tell him that he needs a new "lawn" tractor. John Deere just came out with their 9RX series tractors.