Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Le mode du jour

The X15
I lost Georgia’s Kong. The Kong is a rubber thingy that we stuff with peanut butter each night to keep her occupied while we eat. It keeps her busy for about half an hour. I simply cannot imagine what happened to it but I have ordered another one immediately as it is her favorite thing.

I suspect she took it outside and buried it but I cant find it.

He second favorite thing appears to be digging holes next to trees. These are  very large holes and expose the tree roots – which she eats. So I bought some round coconut fiber mats to put around the trees. I put one down and covered it with mulch.

As soon as she found it she tore it to pieces and scattered the tattered remains around the garden. My next trick was to buy bags of pond rocks and pile these around the main tree. This has slowed her down because she cannot easily dig through the rocks – but I think larger rocks may be necessary.

Cate keeps wringing her hands and saying that the dog will kill the trees. My jaundiced response is:

Who wanted a dog?

Did you know that dogs dig?

However as it turns out I am responsible for the digging and the stopping thereof so I have thrown myself into the task with my usual enthusiasm.

Anyway – about the webworms.

I could not interest the pest control people in webworms. We don’t do webworms he said. No I don’t know what you do with webworms he said.

So I bought some pruners on the end of a 14 foot stick and have managed to cut down all the webs except some which are very high indeed. I may have to buy a flamethrower – which fortunately I can buy on line.

I am thinking of the X15 because they say on their website:

“I’ve shot and fought around the world and I have to say, there’s nothing quite like launching napalm. It’s a must for your bucket list!”

I think this may become the mode du jour for dealing with problems which could only previously be solved with guns.


  1. I bet your flame thrower wiLL take care of spiders and drop bears too. I wonder if it would work on a Trump? I am not sure as the Trump may already be dragonesque being fuLL of hot vitriolic air.

  2. Never a dull day at your house! ;-)
    I am sure glad you did not own a house in Vienna. We'd have never met for coffee.

    1. I bet the coffee godess would have made your paths cross somehow.

  3. With respect to the webworms: you could join the great gun-toting population of the US of A, and be like some of the early (and great) botanists who collected specimens from the high branches of trees by shooting them down. (On the other hand, your neighbours might very rightly object to this activity.)

  4. esb: I suspect the Trump would go off with a very loud explosion and it would be a major task to extinguish his hair.

    Merisi: I have fond memories of sitting about and not having to do anything.

  5. Merricks: Well I could host sone of the local gun fights under the tree. They are bound to get some webworms.