Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I suspect romantic troubles

Time for a kitten photo
The new dog-proof tree protection system worked. Georgia has looked at it and sniffed it but has not attempted to tear it apart. I am not ready to proclaim success - as she is capable of many devious things – but I have hope.

We have done no cycling for the last week or so because it is so damn hot. According to the news we have had more consecutive days over 90° than we have had since 1912. But the trees think fall is here and are turning – so they must know something.

I have been so hot that I have been thinking about becoming a Republican so that I don’t have to worry about the climate.

We have found a big park for Georgia to play in. It is at the Indianapolis Humane Society and Georgia can run around and play with other dogs. She is very happy about this – and so are we because it exhausts her and she sleeps a lot more.

She has met some dogs – all bigger than her – and has had an enormous amount of fun. She has such fun with other dogs that we thought we may get her a friend. (Joke).

I went to the dermatologist today and this is quite a process. When you get there on time you fill out the same forms that you have filled out every time you go there – and answer the same questions you have answered many, many times before.

You then sit in the waiting room for about half an hour and read about all the famous people who are doing famous things. It does not worry me that I do not know most of the people who are famous because I understand that in America you can become famous overnight and vanish just as quickly.

I did read on the front page of The Enquirer last week – while waiting in the line at Marsh - that the Queen has confessed that she asked Prince Charles to murder Diana. I suspect he did this by disguising himself as the chauffeur driver and driving into the pole at 100 miles per hour. I have always suspected him.

You can also think about why– if you go there at 8:45 – the doctor can already be running half an hour late. Then the nurse collects you and takes you into a small room where she asks you all the questions you just answered on the sheet of paper you were handed when you came in.

Then she goes and you sit there for 15 minutes until a doctor comes in. This is not the real dermatologist – this is the assistant dermatologist – who examines you and asks many questions.

After another 15 minutes the real dermatologist arrives. She is called Dr. Klenk and seems pleased to see you – probably because of the amount you pay her each time you visit.  She is the one who squirts you with icy cold stuff that freezes off problem spots.

The dermatologist duo was concerned about the wounds on my nose and arms but I told them it was just my dog - who likes biting me even more than digging holes in the garden.

After this I went to get my license renewed. I was expecting the worst but when I gave the young lady my old license and my green card she was more than pleased to give me a new license.

Actually she was not pleased – she seem to be very unhappy. Nothing I said cheered her up.

I suspect romantic troubles and I think her boyfriend – or girlfriend – might be fooling around – but I did not broach the subject as I was keen to get out of there before they asked for more forms.

This was the first time I have been to the BMV and not had an excruciating experience.

But – I have bought a new car and will need to go back there this week to register it – so perhaps this will be like the old times.


  1. I tried taking Nigel to our local dog park, but the big dogs scared him. Apparently, OK males with male pit bulls and rottweilers don't believe in getting them neutered so that they remain aggressive. A tired dog is a happy dog, but a tired government worker is just a grump.

  2. I am glad Georgia has a new place to go and new friends. I got my old low car running again after neglecting it too long. It is much easier for Cooper to get in & out of in a decent amount of time and effort. Saying "Ernie and Cooper are going bye-bye" gives him supreme joy.

    I didn't know heat could induce Republicanism. We had a 101 a couple days ago but things are trailing off into Autumn now.

  3. If you bought it at a dealership and the dealership sent the title information to the bmv, then you can sign up and register it online to save yourself a trip.

  4. SK Waller: There are very strict rules at this place. Aggressive dogs are not allowed. There are lots of grumpy government workers here.

    esb: Georgia loves to get in the car but always has to be dragged out when we get home. I just do not know why.

    Anon: Thanks for the tip. I will do that.