Sunday, June 28, 2015

Some strange things happen

It has been a pretty amazing week here. First the Supreme Court threw out the Republican challenge to the Affordable Care Act- and then they ruled in favor of gay marriage.

Holy Snapping Turtles.Who would have thunk it!

So all those with Obamacare subsidies are very happy and all the gay people are very happy. We are in a very gay neighborhood so there is a festive air here with lots of gay pride flags fluttering.

The conservatives of course are ranging between incandescent and apoplectic. I don’t watch Fox very often but I have this week just to see them raging and spluttering and foaming. It is wonderful. 

I wonder if this will affect the troglodytes who infest the Australian parliament?

Our Indy governor says he is very disappointed with the gay thing. Well he would wouldn’t he because he is a homophobic dickwit. 

In the meantime 4 July is fast approaching so we are girding our loins for a week of festivities and fireworks. I imagine the hospitals are gearing up for the inflow of blind and maimed people and pet owners are getting ready to sedate their animals and lock them up. 

Surprisingly - there are some states that do not permit the sale of fireworks. Guns yes - fireworks no. There are limits to the way in which you can kill yourself and each other. 

 Some strange things happen around here.

I will put out our American and Australian flags on our flagpole to show what loyal residents we are and how much we enjoy filling out the 6,000 page tax return each year for Uncle Sam.

My friend Paul - who lives in Iowa and has a partner in Indy - is retiring next week and is moving to Indy. He has bought a house in Indy which he is going to use for a workshop and a place where he and I can shoot the breeze and talk about dogs. 

He is also one of those men who can do things - properly. You know - like installing new doors and building things that do not look like they have been built by a blind man using a baseball bat. 

He will be most useful for some of the things I need to do here at Wishard mansion.

He has a black lab - just like us - so there will be two men, two dogs and a coffee machine siting around in his man and dog cave. He also has a cache of Iowan hooch. 


  1. Well, two guys in a bar/man cave in Indy with a couple dogs and a coffee machine. I think we need some drones.

  2. Whoo-hoo! All you need now is two ball caps, two tins of chewing tobacco, and two rifles so that you can go duck hunting with your pooches!


  3. Hope Georgia survives the fireworks!

  4. Iowan Hooch & Pooch - that could be a business name. Yes, quite a momentous week in news. Rebel flags and rebel governors. Texas' governor is trying to squash the Supreme Court ruling and the dissents were interesting reading.

  5. fmc: I think Cate will have CCTV so she can keep an eye on me.

    SK Waller: I am afraid I will never be a real midwesterner. NO guns tobacco or caps - or trucks with silhouettes of ladies on them.

    Annie: She will be safely inside with us.

    esb: Perhaps I could open a bar where you can bring dogs.

  6. Jack Russell Terriers, Cocker Spaniels & Jack Daniels