Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Here we go

This is not Georgia
On Saturday we met a 10 month old black Labrador named Georgia. This was to see if we liked her and wanted her. She is much loved where she is but the family is away all day every day and have to keep her crated.

Crates are actually cages – but we call them crates because it sounds not quite as bad.

Of course there was never any doubt. Cate wanted her on sight – and so did I – having resigned myself to the inevitable.

She arrives tonite. The family is bringing her over to make sure they like her new home.  I have bought gates (with cat doors) so we can keep her downstairs – except at nite when she will sleep in the bedroom.

I have bought a large dog crate and the family is bringing her bed over to put in this.

On the weekend we went to Petco and bought masses of dog things – including a book about Labradors. I am reading this now. It is astonishing the number of things that can go wrong with a Labrador and I think we will have to move closer to the vet.

We also bought a large dog bed. We put this downstairs and the cats immediately moved in.

In the meantime Cate was walking on Sunday and was attacked by a gaggle of geese. This was a minor setback in her preparations for Ecuador. I have checked – there are geese in Ecuador so she may need to take a cricket bat.

I have many more things to report. Tomorrow there will be the first in an endless series of photos of Georgia. I do not have a photo yet so have posted another Labrador which looks like her.


  1. She's beautiful! One word: Fabreeze. You're going to need it.

  2. Do labs shed fur? Cooper is like having 1 1/2 sheep. My Dyson is veRy busy this time of year. I am eXcited for you.

  3. SK Waller: Thanks for cheering me up.

    esb: Lots. I have a Dyson pet vac.

  4. Congratulations on the new addition to your household!
    Wishing you tons of joy with Giorgia.

    That gaggle (or shall I say gang?) of geese were lucky Cate wasn't armed. ;-)

  5. You kill me, this is not the dog. We now have bird flu in the Metro Detroit area from vagrant Canadian Geese. They are talking of an egg shortage.

  6. Oops. Didn't see the caption. Well, all Labbies are beautiful and I'm sure Giorgia is as well.

  7. Noo!! 10 months is basically a puppy! You weren't supposed to get a puppy! You were supposed to get an old, quiet, tired, resigned to the fact its life is nearly over dog. This will not end well...

  8. Merisi: She did not have her mace with her.

    fmc: Vagrant Canadian Geese. Spare me.

    Lenny: I know..I know.

  9. An amazing new chapter in your life. I look forward to lots of news of Georgia.