Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A chance for gold

The first night went as well as can be expected. We discovered that Georgia chases cats and we have seen very little of them since she arrived.

She loves the back garden and spends a lot of time out there.

She does an enormous number of pees and her poos are the size of sea otters. I have bought police tape to put around these until we can get a bobcat to move them. 

I took her for a car ride to Petco and she had a fine time. We bought a bed for the cats. I am going to need a lot more than this.

We went for a walk so that she could spend hours sniffing everything in the neighborhood. She chased a squirrel and nearly dislocated my arm when she took off. I was yelling at it to get up a tree but the stupid thing ran along the footpath with us in hot pursuit. 

I am entering her for the All American Labrador Farting Competition. She will be a certain medalist and could be a chance for gold.

I have spent the day with her to get her settled. Tomorrow I will need to spend a lot of time on cat therapy.


  1. After a few months ours have reached a truce. The cat hisses and runs and the dog looks bored. Of course, he is an old dog and really does not care.

  2. WoW, what a day! Aren't they birddogs? Now you have a good(?) reason to get a shotgun and go duck hunting. The last time (several years ago) that I took Cooper for a walk at night he 'bout dislocated my shoulder. We were just doing a 180 to head home and he spotted something; big ouch.

  3. Nigel (who is half-Lab) never farts. Perhaps it's the Dachshund in him, but I doubt it, knowing as many Germans as I do...

  4. fmc: Ours was going to be a mature dog that liked cats. Ha!

    esb: I doubt that I could kill a duck. I got too close to them in Vienna. However - I have been known to eat them.

    SK Waller: I think it was just a persimmons phase. G seems to haver settled down nicely.

  5. Oh those poor cats. Hopefully, all will adapt. Fingers crossed for you.

  6. Oh, Badger. I haven't laughed so much for weeks. And only your second dog post of your first hand experience. Ummm. Looking forward to more... sorry...

  7. Sandy: I am confident that in a couple of years all will be well.

    Annie: I rather think there will be much more - not all of it good

  8. That was indeed veRy insensitive of me to suggest you kill a duck with a shotgun. I should have said goose.