Sunday, June 14, 2015

She will eat anything

We are making progress. For reasons which now escape me - because it was clearly insanity at work - I put Georgia's crate in our bedroom.

I had some delusions that when Georgia was in there at nite the cats would feel safe and come to visit us.

This was a gold plated act of stupidity on a Herculean scale so I moved the crate downstairs after the first nite.

This works much better. Georgia has all the ground floor and the cats have the top two levels and the basement. They can get to the basement down the back stairs without encountering large slobbering dogs.

They have started to come back to the bedroom and I woke up this morning at 4:00 AM with Sissi sitting on my head.

I have discovered that Georgia will eat anything at all. She likes leaves and sticks and is quite partial to mulch. She likes pepperoni pizza and just loves Vegemite toast. She is not so keen on scrambled eggs and bacon.

I have not tried her on Anzac biscuits but have no doubt she will love them.

I am getting lots of excellent cat wrangling advice from Geneva. Apparently I should not allow Georgia to jump on me and bite me.

Well the only way I could achieve this would be to cut her head off - so I will let Cate solve the problem when she gets home.

Georgia has also added a new dimension to the concept of keeping a house clean. I may just put down straw and hose the living room out once a week.

Today I fired up Trevor Traeger and let it run for an hour as per the manufacturers instructions. It roars like a blast furnace.

I have a Boston Butt in the fridge and tomorrow am making a rub and then smoking it to make pulled pork. Georgia and the cats will love this.


  1. Overall, it's that final paragraph that sounds the most painful. :)

  2. SK Waller: I am glad it is not my butt. his will be my first one.

    Keegan88: Thanks - she sure is.

  3. Vegemite Toast? Proof your dog is part Aussie.

    1. Cooper would eat my wife's colored socks when he was younger. It didn't take him too long to figure out 'property' rules. The snauzer we veRy briefly had chewed on aLL the shoes. As soon as he ate my snow boots he was gone to live with another snauzer in a snauzer compatible home.

  4. esb : She took to Vegemite toast like a duck to water. She does not seem to chew - expect sticks in the garden. She has not even sniffed a shoe yet so we may be OK in that department.

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